The Illusion

In the days of loneliness, the world seems to be at its darkest.

No glimmer of hope, thoughts of fear consume us, and resentment mounts.

Realization — illusion of the false self.

The true self is never alone and gives freely, while acknowledging ideas of flesh but maintaining a course with spirit.

Is it wrong to be Loved as much as ye have Loved?

Those of the flesh would say no, but the Warrior within sends a dagger of Love

–diverting selfish thoughts and converting them into selflessness.

As we step out into this vast open road…know that we are never alone, but merely disconnected from Spirit.

Disconnect from flesh and rekindle the flame of truth. Go now, in the name of Love and

…Step into the Canvas.

Waiting for a Miracle

Today I witnessed a miracle! How many can say that? It would be false to say that we do not see miracles happen each day: feet we walk on, air we breathe, voice we speak with, and ears we listen to yet even more miracles of His perfection. These are obvious and often taken for granted. In the interest of wanting more proof of miracles happening each day, we shall open our eyes a bit further to witness just that.

To witness these miracles we have to actively pursue them: to see the miracle of breath one must center themselves on their breathing and embrace the mystery of its existence, to witness the miracle of walking one must observe themselves as one who can walk, etc. It takes an active participating role on our parts, but also requires a hint of gratitude. Being grateful for what is given to us, only provides more abundance into our lives. A poor man can be the richest of all by seeing the miracle of life and holding gratitude for all it presents, while the richest of man can be the poorest of all by failing to see the gifts presented to him.

Well today I witnessed a more obvious miracle. Yesterday a gentleman started Radiation Treatments, whom was 2-3 weeks status post craniotomy for the removal of a tumor. His prognosis was grim and his team began giving up on him. When we went to get him he was sitting up, but they told us to get a cart as he was getting weaker as the days pass. With the look of a broken spirit, he agreed to come down for treatment and seeing that he was already in a chair we kept him in the chair.

We explained to him (let’s call him Bob) the procedure for treating his brain with Radiation and we explained to him how we were going to get him on and off the treatment table. Suffering from hemi-paresis his whole right side was not functioning normal, leaving him unable to use his right arm or his right foot. Outweighing me by 50 pounds I knew I was also in for a workout. Before we began I told him a story of a friend of mine, David Dubats of Second Step Inc., whom teaches people how to walk once again through neuroplasticity training. If you want to learn more about David’s work, please go to:

Bob’s eyes lit brightly when I told him of this possibility. With reaction of excitement and purpose, to David’s story, I explained to him that it was up to him from this day forward and further reminded him, as so often we forget, that he had a senior partner with him at all times that he could call on 24/7. I told him to start praying…and that is just what he did.

The next day Bob could not wait to show me his progress. With a smile on his face from ear to ear, he began to raise his arm over his head as he spoke, “I though about what you said and I didn’t go to sleep last night. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to move after HE gave me strength to move my arm. He answered my prayer!”

With tears in my eyes, we embraced and Praised God for this miracle.

Neuroplasticity is the concept of re-wiring the brain to function as we think it to be. In biblical terms, “as a man thinketh, so is he.” It can also be paralleled with the Law of Attraction, “If you can see it and feel it, then so shall it be.”

After Bob’s second treatment he whispered to me, “Thank you for teaching me how to ask. I asked big and God Delivered. Praise His holy name Brother.” I humbly replied, “Thank you Bob for being such a wise teacher. Praise God!”

As you Step Into the Canvas today, take note of the many miracles of life, but then be ready to receive larger ones. Ask and it shall be given unto you.