Connecting with Canvas

Lost in daily routine

Trapped in continuous thought

Connect with people

Hopes of answers


Validation maybe

Emptiness all be

Quietly sitting amidst changing seasons

Another passage of time

We do as we are told

Heartbreak of such

We listen to wind

Inner voice guiding along the way

Once broken down

Two needs

Risen upon own two

Breath exchange of cosmic proportions

Letting go of all belief

Left with only one

Breath returning

Centered at our core

Returning home

Letting go yet of own breath

Connect with this or that

Validation as you seek

All is Canvas

Holding brush



Painting as it was written.

~Ani Po


Planted Seed

Oh to the Anger, Fear,

Pain and Suffering

Such wisdom present day

Oh to those crossed path in misery

Deep within

Planted seed

Watered soil

Fertile grounds

Plucked weeds

Transmuted medicines

Breathing in

Reflection of what was

Breathing out What Shall Be

Golden Light fill

Darkened past

Every cell every sight transformed

The I in Me, Sees the I in You

Planted Seed.

~Ani Po