Deeper and Deeper into the Canvas

I began writing about the Canvas nearly 8 years ago. While original intent was to invite others deeper and deeper into the Canvas of Life, in search of deeper meaning to All there Is, the intent remains as it was in the Beginning.

Whether words of simplicity, simple thoughts inviting forth. Deeper meanings diving further into an abyss of what may be?

Rewriting our words, Painting new scenery upon the Canvas. Perceptual beginning or bitter end…left for deeper diving of thought processes of things. Gibberish or written Upon the Canvas, left for self-introspection of sort.

Truth is as simple as its originating form. In the beginning was the Word and the Word created form. Once formless and without void made whole…Stepping Deeper into All there Is.

It is written Upon the Canvas, Painted for All to See. Left for personal touch, thought, introspection of the same. See It, Feel It, Know It to be true…


~Ani Po


Love Remains

Layer by Layer,
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to Dust.
Darkened skies.
Bluest shade upon the Canvas.

From upper,
To lowest depths.
No matter the story,
Somethings remains.
Blocked by endogenous thought,
Focal point out of center.
Peel back the layers,
Layer upon Layer.

No matter the time,
Passing by,
Moments slipping away.
At the center of it all,
Heart of All there Is,
One thing remains.
Love is All there Is….

~Ani Po

Me and my Peruvian brother Jorge