Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas changing sail. If yesterday was darkened by shadows of doubt or thoughts of despair, today is the day to change directions. With the dawn of each new day, we step in a direction we want to go. This is the day…own it, know it to be true! This is the day you shall change directions of your sail…

It Is High Noon…How Will You Spend Your Afternoon?

For many…there comes a point in their lives where they look back at how they got to their current conditions, reflecting on who they are and where they’re heading. Ultimately it is a time of change. We can either remain on course or change our heading. Those who remain on course, often head into troubled waters. While those who change their sail, find themselves effortlessly traveling by the spirit of the wind.

Everyone of us has the opportunity to change. But why do I need to change? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. The deciding point comes when asking this question…Are you happy? To find happiness,it is written that we must give up everything we own.

Originally this next poem was written as a reflection of a lost friend, but then it permeated into my soul. If we infuse this poem into the self…it takes on a different meaning.

Today I lost a friend,

I don’t know why.


Today I lost a brother,

I don’t know why.


My heart bled for him,

I don’t know why.


There is so much hatred in his life,

I don’t know why.


I see the Love he can offer,

Which many can’t.


One thing is for certain,

I do know why.


I will continue to Love him,

I do know why.


He is my brother,

I do know why.


He is my friend,

I do know why.


We are one in the same.

As we transition from the morning of our lives to the afternoon, we instinctively align with that which makes us feel good. Letting go of that which does not, as if we are experiencing a personal death and resurrection. It is written that we all have an opportunity for rebirth…is this the time of rebirth?! Are the “end of days” speaking to us on a personal level? Tied in with the our own death and resurrection?

Stepping into the Canvas giving thanks for another beautiful day! The miracle alone is our single breath, for it was given to us once more. The bonus…whatever we set out for the day. When we step, actively step, into the Canvas of Life…for we have the opportunity to co-create a life of happiness.