When New Year’s Resolutions Get Squashed

Nearly a week into the New Year and many have already fallen from their goals of a brighter New Year, while others drive forward with fire in their bellies or desire to see their goals to fruition. But what do we do when things don’t go as planned?

As I write this post for the second time, I am reminded of the lesson. Literally…I wrote this, saved it and began adding tags, when it was lost and nowhere to be found. Is it possible that the Universe wanted to emphasize the lesson upon my being or was it merely coincidence…I will leave that for you to decide. As for me, I understand the lesson.

The lesson being…when things do not go our way. We have the option to give up or move forward with more conviction. This is the Warrior Attitude.

Whilst the Pilgrim basks in pity of bleak outcomes,

the Warrior sharpens Her tools until goals are achieved.

~Ani Po

When we set our gaze on our goals, we run the risk of self-sabotage or self-sabotage by proxy. Sharing our thoughts and ideas with another person; if they are not on the same page as us, we run the risk of interjecting their ideals within our goals. Thereby changing our minds and ultimately leading back to self-sabotage. Stay the course.

Careful who you share your goals with. If they are not positive and encouraging…save your breath. And when you reach your goals, you can share the How’s and why’s when asked.

Self-sabotage can also come at the hand of others’ actions. When their thoughts and actions are interjected into our days, they may conflict with our personal goals. If we are passive and we allow their ideals to interject, then our goals can ultimately be tabled until the next year. Stay the course.

I had to laugh at the irony on New Year’s Day. The local fitness club was to open at 6:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day. As normal, I set out to arrive two minutes before the gym opened and as expected, their were many new cars in the parking lot, awaiting to begin their resolutions. As with every New Year, there is a slew of newbies that flood the gym for the first few weeks and a small percentage remain. Sis Thirty a.m. arrived, but the doors did not open. The line of people, awaiting to go in, were now agitated.

Fifteen minutes have passed and cars were already beginning to leave. My first thought was really?! They cannot wait another minute? Whatever their reasons, I waited until the doors opened. The doors did not open until 7 a.m. and two-thirds of the cars were now gone.

As I walk to the counter, my thoughts transferred to my tongue...”Not very encouraging to the newbies, when their dreams our crushed on day one of the New year.” I was thinking about how at least a dozen new gym-goers had already given up…and it was only day one of the New Year. Sadly, this is how humans work. When things do not go our way…we shut done and give up. Hopefully they will have returned, but if they do not…their goals will be re-established or never looked upon again.

Stepping into the Canvas with confidence. As we set out into the Canvas, may it be so confidently in the direction we seek. With direction in our wind, adjusting our sails…we capture the intention of our being. With our heading written, remember to enjoy the ride…

Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas changing sail. If yesterday was darkened by shadows of doubt or thoughts of despair, today is the day to change directions. With the dawn of each new day, we step in a direction we want to go. This is the day…own it, know it to be true! This is the day you shall change directions of your sail…