Thinking Big

Preparing for the New Year, we gather our thoughts and wishes for our vision board of 2012. The skies the limit…the further we reach the more assuredly we shall land amongst the stars. What will it be? What will be your wish for the new year?

A cousin recently sent me this picture, titled ‘Think Big,’ and it got me thinking…why haven’t I put together my vision board yet? I know the importance of setting goals and the imagery that goes along with it is as equally as important. Stepping Into the Canvas was a thought at one time, whose time had come and the next steps to this will be revealed as it grows. While my hopes are for the readers to ultimately achieve self-mastery, there is still more to the Canvas.

The Canvas of Life has no boundaries, leaving us limitless. An important factor whilst playing in the Canvas, is whether we are enjoying ourselves or not. We have discussed the first steps towards happiness, but often times we sabotage ourselves into thinking we cannot do something. By applying some basic tools towards happiness, the next steps have begun.

A vision board is a good start or even a journal with ‘task items.’ Keeping these items in plain view allows them to be ‘in your face’ and at the forefront of your thinking. When something is at a constant, the thoughts are at a constant. When your thoughts are at a constant, your brain begins to remap the neuro-fibers that drive your reality.

When developing a vision board, do we think small or think big? The sky is the limit here…Think Big! When I began writing I quickly thought of the scene, from the Patriot, where Mel Gibson was reminding his boys about shooting a gun…”Aim small, Miss small.” This phrase is true. When we set our aim at something small, we will surely get small. The opposing is true as well…Think Big, obtain Big.

So…when you are thinking ahead to 2012 and you are applying your ‘New Year’s Resolution,’ remember to Think Big!

Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

~Brian Latrell

Stepping into the Canvas with thoughts of Thinking Big. Wherever our thoughts, that is where they will be. If they are aligned with small thoughts, they will yield small returns. If aligned in a big way…they will pay off bigger returns.

While you are thinking Big…I will be putting my Vision Board together…Happy New Year!


Step of the Day

Stepping into the Canvas reflecting on years past and years to come, while not dwelling. To truly live is to revel in the details of life, not dwell in them. In our own reflections we find our own path, leading us to happiness. Stay the course and this may be the best year yet!