Born into Existence

Our Canvas of Life is born into existence.~Ani Po

As we allow the past to fade from reality, we give birth to something new. That which fared bleak and mundane is no longer. For it is through our understanding the Canvas of Life is given new life. Life that which can no longer be taken away.

Stepping into the Canvas with a thought. A thought which shares a glimpse of hope into existence. From bleak to magnificent, fear to powerfully vulnerable, we no longer worry about what shall be or what may come…for we our co-creating the Canvas of Life as it is written…

born into existence

A Great Canvas

The world is a great canvas awaiting our special touch.~Ani Po

There is a place awaiting our special touch. This place, whilst awaits in the outer realms, begins within the inner. Looking within…find our true self, a new reality…we blink and a new reality is born.

We come to this place of knowing, choosing words with care, stepping with ease and listening to creation transforming our reality into existence. Like a dream it is born.

Stepping into the Canvas with a new level of understanding. As we transcend old realities, a new reality born. From the words of Prophets to sages of old, we awaken to what we already knew. Going forth breathing a new reality into existence…no longer questioning…just allowing it to be so…

a great canvas