Defined by Accomplishments

Man is not defined by accomplishments, but failures and how he overcame them.~Ani Po

It is easy to achieve, but is the same true for our failure? Our true self is not defined by the accomplishments or how much material gain, but instead by trials and tribulations that pushed us to our accomplishments. How we see things shall define our realities…



Allowing ‘All there Is’

Stepping into the Canvas, connecting with spirit, allowing ‘all there is’ to forever live in our hearts, permeating Truth, Love and Unlimited Potentiality, Living a Syncrosensational Life.~Ani Po

When we come to a place of being true to ourselves, without self-judgment or self-pity, we step into a world of true authenticity. Stepping into our new reality, we invariably let go of what others think, say or do against our beliefs. Letting go of our past doubt, we accept future clarity…

connecting with spirit