Showing Our Way Home

No matter where you’ll go,

I will find you.

From meadows to the highest of mountains,

I Will find you.

From the oceans to the darkest of moments,

I will find you.

From starry nights to the new lit Sun,

I will find you.

From my mind to my heart,

I will find you.

Stepping into the Canvas with compass in hand. We set out once again to find our way, with no direction but our own. Listen to the others directions and we may miss the path before us. Listen to our own heart and it is illuminated…showing our way home.

showing our way home


With a Master’s Brush

We listen to the stories of old,

With hopes of brighter future.

Nay to the naysayers and the outcomes of past,

Believing this moment in history.

Whatever the day brings forth,

There is a tranquil spot awaiting our presence.

The pictures before us,

Gone with a stroke of our genius.

Whatever color of choice,

It is our creation awaiting our undivided attention.

Swipe, Swoosh, Splat,

The final touch awaits.

It is time,

Time to paint the masterpiece.

Stepping into the Canvas with a Master’s brush. The Canvas behind appears nothing like the one which lay before us. It whispers, screams for our attention…do we listen? or return back to the day in and day out? Stepping into the Canvas with a Master’s Brush…Creating and re-creating our reality to the way we see it to be…Ani Po

With a master's brush