I Saw the Angel

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.~Michelangelo

We all have visions or dreams of what our reality may be. Whether through writing, sculpting or painting upon a canvas, we all have vision of what our reality may be. Some choose to passionately follow these dreams, unfolding miraculous gifts from within…while others remain in fear of what may or may not be.

Stepping into the Canvas with brush in hand. With brush in hand, a little nudge from the Universe, we set out to change our history. Changing our own, we change the history of all humanity. From self to all there is we are born…

I saw the angel


Dreams are Everything

While dreams are everything, it is the dreamers of the day whom surpass the dreamers of the night.~Ani Po

This is not say that one is superior to the next, but an invitation to oneself…delving into the dream world of reality. Further it is not a statement of literal control of dreams of daytime, but an understanding of how dreams come to our aid.

Many years ago, during a time of new discovery, I came to a realization that our daytime mirrors our nights. What we think by day is mirrored into the night, unless we pay attention to the dreams. Merely ignoring them, we ignore our present moment of the day.

Dreams are not often what they appear. Some may be more foretelling then the next, while some leave us in the dark. Digging into a deeper understanding of the dream, we come to a deeper understanding of the self. With dreams of miracles or destruction, they often give direction to our daily interactions. Pay attention and learn to master these dreams.

Master the dreams of the night and we master our dreams by day…lending more light in our days. Ignore them and risk repeating life lessons our Canvas has to offer. Master these dreams…soon the daytime becomes the night and the nighttime becomes the day…leaving a world filled with infinite possibilities.

Stepping into the Canvas whilst mastering the dream. Dreaming a new reality it becomes so. With every step, a new beginning; every breath there is hope. Why? Because we said it is so…dreams are everything