Merely a Pencil

Take me into hand,

Share deepest desire.


Writing new chapter.

Painting new reality,

Merely a pencil.

Taken without thought,

Left unattended.

Stirred emotions come forth,

Projections of all sorts.

Freely I give myself,

Conversation engagement.

Take care,

In my presence.

Together writing wrongs,

Painting rights.

Sharing an infinite possibility,

The All in All.

Forget me not,

Where my heart sleeps.

Rendezvous by day or night,


Writing new chapter.

Painting new reality,

Merely a pencil.

~Ani Po

It Is Time

As we sit quietly in our daily space of whatevers and what-may-bes, we see a finite reality created by our daily grind. So consumed by this and that, burying us in fear and anger…further dividing us in judgmental thoughts and hate for neighboring townships or persons.

We think that our town only extends to the boundary lines, while another continues. We think this land extends only to the boundary waters of our island. We think our atmosphere only extends to an exosphere boundary.

Expanding thought, we are expanding our knowledge of daily space. Searching the boundary waters, outer atmospheric levels or diving deep into the core of Mother Earth, we find we are still there. It is through our search we find that we have arrived.

Giving up the search, we shall never know how far our boundaries reach, remaining static and buried in our own darkened dwelling place.

The earth does not stop at waters edge, it is merely continued in different form. Similarly atmosphere extends beyond the strato, meso, thermo and exospheric layers. “We are all one” is not limited to a planetary thought either…it extends beyond nakedness of our eyes,  magnitude of a hubble or the like, going as far as the ‘mind’s eye’ can reach.

As a man thinketh so is she. Breath in a gift of life, breathe out that gift in return. We are here to change the world, we are here to make a difference…it begins at level of self. It is time.

Ani Po