Time Well Spent

Be still and observe the world growing around you. Breathe in nourishment of the soul, letting out which no longer serves. Smile in observation as the day breaks brighter than before. Choose or choose not to actively participate in this glorious day.

Pause, Be still, Breathe and live in gratitude. This is time well spent.

We will be doing the same, taking time out to fully embrace the Canvas. We will see you soon…looking forward to Sharing in a Dance with Inspiration.


~Ani Po

Shift of Global Realities

Sit for a minute, reflect on where you have been. How did you get here? What would be different if you had a choice? Would you be who you are had the past not led the way? Gather in thought.

We have arrived in this place and time, whether bumpy or smooth roads, we are here because the Canvas of Life has more to offer. Where is our focus? What do we want? Does anything else matter in this moment in time?

On a daily basis, I am witness to people preaching who or what we should be. Based on rituals or beliefs from ancient times. There is nothing to be done. We are right where we need to be. Our beliefs, right or wrong according to varying beliefs of ‘the others,’ are our own and those beliefs can change like morning sun or westerly winds.

For so many years I lived in conflict of what was right or wrong. The illusion of it all is there is no right and wrong. There is a deeper understanding that laid dormant within. Never really understanding this internal struggle, as my outer world was not matching the inner.  An understanding of coexisting this beautiful Canvas of Life. Before the dogma, there was a way living harmoniously together as one. This knowing has been around since the beginning of time and peacefully it coexists on this plain of existence.

Taking stock in self, being fully present within space and time, we note things which align or unbalance our daily living. We choose to align ourselves with inner most thought, bringing balance to our inner world and sharing this balance with outer.

The time has come to pause, breathe and live life according to hearts calling. Many are waking up to kinder ways of living. Taking back sacred space of self, without others beliefs changing their course of thought. No longer getting through the day, but creating a new day.

Through self-actualization, we arrive at a time where every step becomes a sacred presence while sharing in peace and love. All things are sacred but now we are aware of every step along this path before us. We are healed, We are whole, We are holy and We are one.

Through our own healing, bringing balance to the inner and outer realms, we see things with divine sight, hear with sounding creation, and we feel a deeper presence of cosmic accordance. We are healed, We are whole, We are holy and We are One.

As we heal, the whole world heals around us.

Transmutation of self, outliers is what they are. Metamorphosis of global consciousness, paradigm shift of realities. ~Ani Po