The Story-Teller Remains

Navigating familial traumatic poetic song

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Remaining Vulnerable

Painfully being in a cruel world

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Seeking that which is not,
shadows finding doubt,
burdens past,
nothing in return.
Hopeless we are,
knocking doors opportunity,
letting go of what was,
opening to what may be.
Hearts crack in two,
broken, afraid,
fearlessly vulnerable.
Standing firmly upon our two,
laughing all the while,
asking to be filled,
given capacity what may be.
dusting off Canvas,
spreading Love wherever we go.

Oh to be so hollow,
vulnerable yet filled,
choosing the void,
filling or not filling.
Allowing what will be,
to be,
to be so hollow,.
no longer alone.
Filled to the rim,
emptied all the same,
I am that, I am
Oh to be so hollow…just being…another day.

Getting past the ‘thinking’ of things,
merely doing,
embracing change.
conceding reality,
opening Heart,
as vulnerable and wide as we can be.

Caught in the crossfire,
personal lessons unfolding before.
From son to father,
father to son.
Caught in between,
vulnerable target unknown.
Holding space,
yet again.
what is, will be.
What will be, what is,
caught in the crossfire,
time passes by.

Stepping into the Canvas in mystery and awe, once again we set out as bearers of peace, challenged throughout our days. Flickering, with the threat of our light going out, we connect with an unlimited source. Caught in the crossfire…this to illusory.

~Ani Po

This week’s prompt brings up many emotions. Painful memories of doing what is right only to be chastised, stepped on, or abused in some form and/or fashion. All being in the past, yet another vulnerability remains.

For eleven years I have written from the heart, channeled thought, or counting of the days. Never really given thought as to structure or what others may think. Lack of interest led to more emotions of giving up writing altogether, whilst an inner voice speaks “keep writing.” Trusting inner world communications, proceeding, re-writing my world as I see it.

Entering the world of Medium, meeting incredible writers, challenging me to fine-tune and follow some sort of guidelines as to what is written. Remaining true to self, continuing to write from heart space, maintaining authentic to who I am. As the work in progress goes…so shall I grow. Thank you to all for lighting the way.

Joseph Lieungh