Come to the Circle

We come to the circle, sharing stories of darkness and death of self. Healing through our shares, we grow…shedding skin and prepare for flight into new realities. This place we seek…we can try to label it, describe it…but it is ultimately meant to be felt. The knowing is an unknowing of all…accepting vastness, nonlinear, nonphysical. Through our own healing, we heal self, family, community and so on…

Come to the circle, share a tear, laugh, story or sing a song.~Ani Po

Gentle Brush Strokes

We all have a story to tell.

No more and no less miraculous than the next.

See the gifts of self,

Within others.

No More and no less miraculous than the next.

Whether one knows,

Still figuring out,

Or no clue where to begin.

Be an ear.

Be the light.

Lending tiny morsels of thought to seeker next door.

Be here,

Be there.


Or unbeknown.

No magic formula,

No magic bullet.

Just ones own two,

With desire to move forward.

Give a morsel,

Receive in return.


Or gentle brush strokes painting our reality. ~Ani Po