Distant Melody

Sitting quietly without interpreting noise.
The chatter,
The vibrations,
Spinning all around.
Sitting quietly in my space answering not even to my own.
The chatter,
The vibrations,
Even louder within.
The pitch,
The melody,
Vocals and even words.
Muted for a moment….
Tune in,
Changing frequency.
Dancing in sacred space.
Whirlwind of symphonies playing a magical note.
Healing vibratory song…flowing from my soul.
I am one,
I am three.
Sing with me,
Dance with me….distant melody…
Ani Po

Dive Deeper

Whether words simple,


Or frivolous just the same.

An invite remains,

Diving deeper into self.

Like words on paper,


Or written upon one’s heart.

Dive deeper,

Into the Soul.

Healing the world,

Melodies whisper on.

Connect with you,

Connect with me.



Healing…we are so.

~Ani Po