Look Deep into the Canvas

Look deep into nature,

Stated once before.

Look deep into connection,

All sentient beings.

See beauty and despair,

Creating a personal reality.

Kissing Mother,

Peace and Love.


All there is.

The Great Mystery,

Continuous discovery.

Look deep into self,

Look deep into the Canvas.



~Ani Po


Depth of our Canvas

We can swim in ‘shallow’ waters or go out to deeper seas. The depth of our Canvas depends on our desire to swim. Our ability to stay afloat or swim across the shores dependent on our willingness to swim.

We can let mud settle to the bottom of ocean, allowing waters to clear…only to be kicked up as we swim away. Clarity may be present but sediment still remains. Swim even faster, while appearance states clear…sediment still remains returning to origin of self.

Some may call in a dredger, sucking sediment from the bottom. Yes, clearer the water may be but worry of clarity remains. Fear remains until we accept muddy waters, sediment of self and waters invitation to swim to open waters.

The Depth of our Canvas depends on how far we see. See with our eyes of flesh or eyes of spirit. Our depth of understanding remains a mystery in the great sea or reality…