Silence within Canvas

Taking time to listen

Birds, cars and worker bees

Chatter, clatter

Hustle and bustle for you and me

As outside our window

Noisiness pounding on the sill



Motionless in thought

What remains out beyond the window pain

Mirrored sense within the brain



Motionless in the thought

Inward gaze

No thought non attachment

Tears shed

Whether self inflicted or collective whole

Rainbows promises inner field

Breathing in

Accepting Peace

Breathing in

Accepting Love

Breathing in

Accepting Joy

Sorting through inner

Outer illuminating

Emulating awareness of All there Is.

~Ani Po

I See You

I see you out there in the forest

Wandering, hopeful, releasing what was

I see you struggling in the streets

Afraid, lashing out at a passerby

I see you sitting alone

In a crowded room

I see you shining brightly

Day in day out brightening darkened way

I see you transcending, transmuting

What was, no longer serving this moment

I see Heart as big as Sun

Shadow present as moon governing night

I see you

I see me.

~Ani Po