Gazing at an Empty Canvas



At an empty Canvas.



No thought becoming real.

Staring out,

Looking in,

A new world exists.

Dig deep,

Pulled from the wretches,

Sun awakens our spirit once again.



Erased from existence.



New reality thwarted upon our Canvas.

Our existence merely in a thought clung to for all eternity or released in acceptance of another truth. We are here by mere thought and by here we are creating continuously, creating parallel universes and alternate realities. Where do we want to go?

A black hole is said to be the absence of light, but could it be it is merely light not yet understood? Just as our shadow…is it the absence of light and love or just a misunderstanding of self and forgiveness of self, others…lighting a way and illuminating the black hole in one’s soul?

We are constantly creating realities. We could continue to create bleak understanding of reality or…can we sit quietly for a moment, dream of what it would be like without the black hole in our own heart, applying little by little new color, new light to the Canvas before us?

We are creators, we are a part of the great Creator…what will we create on this day?

Stepping into the Canvas overlooking a canyon of creation. Life oh so beautiful, so gracious and providing, much love and gratitude for your medicine of the day. I am but a humble servant, without full understanding. I give you my heart, so that it may spread among the Great Canvas of Life…Ani Po

Time to Play

We cycle through,

Lifetimes of thought.

Round and round we go,

Chasing the hamster or becoming the same.

Caught in the trap,

Of having to move continuously.




Bathe in the healing breath,

Of what was

And what may be.

Rinse off,

Wipe the dirt clear.

It is time for play,

Expression of self.

Our deepest desires,


No longer,

We find our playground.

We find a song,

Resonating with soul.

We paint,

A brighter picture.

For self,


And community.

Work can wait,

It is time to play.

Take time to play, feeding a deeper desire for self happiness…Ani Po