Breathe out

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

The world is not perfect and either is self…or is it?

When all is going our way we see beauty of the day, but what about when it doesn’t go our way? Can we see magnificence when all looks dark and gray?  This is the trap of our own mind. We perceive and translate the world as we see it.

Stuck in the gloom we perceive the world as dark and unforgiving, bleak and irreparable. We are left to choose. Stay in misery or climb out of its stronghold on our reality. Remain and our immune system parallels with our thoughts, bringing more pain and misery.

How to transmute our reality? See the good within the day, whether big or small. Start small and go big, changing our steps to align with bright and promising or healed and forgiven. See it, believe it and allow a transformation to exist.

With a small step we step from gloom and doom to endless rays of sunshine. We step now…we breathe…breathing the light of hope.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

We are creators of our reality, we are changers of thought…it is so.~Ani Po

Ani Po

Beautiful Spirit,





See all as divine,

Purposeful realities.

Thousands unfold,

Thousands more.

In a single acorn,

Single drop,

All is present.

Look deeper,

Into nature,

Observe the self.

All seen,

Is unseen.

All that is in outer realms,

Exist in the nucleus of being.



I Am here.

~Ani Po