Limitless: Seeing All As Good


Stepping into the Canvas as ‘Limitless.’ Our true potential is established by removal of all roadblocks set by self-defeating thoughts: “I cannot do that” or “I am not good enough.” Truth is, nothing is impossible once the intent is established. Taking one step at a time, whether the path is clear or not, trusting that All is Good…so shall it be…limitless possibilities.

Taming The Monkey-Mind

With 10,000 things floating around in our minds, it is difficult to sit still. Mastering our minds we learn to master the 10,000 things. These 10,000 things, often referred as the monkey mind, can create restlessness within our being and ultimately an imbalance. Taming the monkey mind…we find peace once again.

Sitting quietly in a room or a favorite place will help but may not be enough. Do you ever feel like you can’t stop thinking about the mundane? You ever feel constant restlessness? Restlessness becomes angst, angst becomes worry. Difficulty eliminating the monkey mind? Maybe it’s time to spank that monkey?!

Letting out the proverbial yell…enough! Then re-focusing our attention on that which we most desire. Simply focusing on our breath is enough, aiding in establishment of our intention. During meditation we need only focus on our breath while maintaining our thoughts on that which we most desire. Remembering to drop thoughts of what we do not. That which our attention goes, energy flows.

Examples of ‘Monkey Mind’…What am I getting get at the grocery store? When do I have to pick up the kids? What am I doing tomorrow? These are all questions that might be floating around in our minds. For the next 20 to 30 minutes let go of these ideas just breathe. In breathing we find calmness.

Stepping into the Canvas whilst taming the monkey-mind. It is through our own distractions that we fail to see beauty in our every day. Through our distractions we paint a dismal canvas for our days. Eliminating these distractions, we are left to openness…like that of a child…to whatever comes our way. We change rapidly with our surroundings or happenings, we adapt to our current situations, we paint a glorious picture upon our Canvas of Life. Beauty within the Canvas, comes from the self…but we have to be willing to let go of distractions.