Stepping into Inner Caverns

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Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

Stepping into inner cavern
no direction in site.
Fear arising
perchance bump in reality
outer light pushing
further inward.
Remain on the outskirts
never knowing what awaits
step in
discovering new perspective of reality.
In light casting shadow of doubt
submerged inwardly
shadow of sorts
discovering luminous.
In darkness
turning towards Source of Light…we are whole.

~Ani Po

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Renovating One’s House – Alchemy of the Soul

Awakened to own thoughts and events throughout our days, noticing subtleties and similarities of physical reality paralleled to mental thought. Our ‘day to day’ becomes a mirror image of our thought process and life becomes a living metaphor.

Some say it is mere coincidence but ‘what if’ it’s a continuous journey of living metaphors? Is it a coincidence or is there something else at play? or are we actually playing it out from our subconscious to conscious?

Last year we moved, downsizing into a cute little ranch-style home. Not certain whether this is our last home or if we have yet another down-size in the future. Life is filled with uncertainties and we are left not knowing what comes next. For now, we are enjoying each new discovery, travelling room to room…renovating our Spirit.

To sell a home…one has to let go of the old. Too often we are emotionally attached to our own dwelling and we wish to get as much money as possible for our cherished possession. But what if we do not own it? What if it was a loaner of sorts? Changing view from ownership to surrendered thought.

To purchase a new home…one must seek new vision. Whether it is time for a new look, new chapter, or necessary change in one’s own life. A new house may not fall at your current doorstep (or can it?) and one must comb through present or neighboring communities. Seeking a new dwelling…what catches the eye?!

Once settled in…taking stock in what comes next. Going room to room, noting beauty of each. Admiring the character and lack of soulful touch of one’s own hand. We desire to add a touch of flare to each new room, adding a piece of self to our creative canvas.

The foundation is solid…holding oneself accountable and sharing in gratitude. From the ground up we tackle a new dilemma of sorts. Whether necessary re-wiring of thought, potential short-circuit in need of attentive eye, to removing a room that no longer serves its purpose for those in our company.

Room to room…changing with a special flair. Placing gentle hand upon an empty wall, painting new color of sorts within own mind, gutting and renovating with exciting new vision. Stale or old, dusty or mold, fresh coat of thought medicine for the soul.

Mindfulness…careful thought and action. With hands in ceiling, working a single or double gang box, extra care as to where mind wanders. Laser focus as to not get zapped by curiosity  of another ( or I suppose one could cut the power or source).

Dullness…requiring a differing view. Whether bored with a room, thought transferring tune, many options remain: change the color, vibration, or how it is viewed. Can we find peace in sitting still? within an unkempt space within our dwelling place? It is the home owners discretion as to what is placed, removed and/or what activity of self holds true.

As the words upon this page transformed and altering shape, once other, inspired by another. While it was in the beginning, intention remains the same…may the words upon this page inspire another, inviting inward thought-changing reality to make way.

~Ani Po