An Invitation to Acceptance

I am reminded, this past week, of a lesson once learned. A lesson of choosing what I want, without attachment to what others peoples thoughts might be.

This past week, while it was going as it normally does, I asked a client what type of music they preferred. They answered as the others have in the past…”whatever! It doesn’t matter.” I smile, knowing well they want a specific music type but are afraid to ask for it.

Without batting an eye, I offer them what I feel would be the opposite of what they would choose. “Just not that” they reply quickly. Smiling even bigger now, I ask them what they really want to listen to. They choose.

Gets them every time!

This encounter begins dialogue, as we begin discussing how music makes us feel.Sharing with this person, a story of a younger patient who reminded me how important music was to life. “Life is like a major-motion picture and you got to have a good soundtrack.” This person smiles in agreement as her favorite song comes on and she unknowingly begins quietly singing under her breath.

Further, we began discussing how our moods can set our tone of music and the effects can be either uplifting or can keep us in a funk. Why not choose something uplifting every time? She agrees.

The discussion did not end their, as it carried onto the next person of the day. From smooth jazz we quickly switched to classic rock…Lynard Skynard to be exact. The gentleman who chose the music began sharing how his brother-in-law made a compilation of his favorite music, requesting that it be played at his funeral. This gentleman smiled as he explained he wishes to do the same. Encouraging him to do so, we shared the power of music together.

I am reminded of how I once failed to choose what I wanted, not wanting to burden anyone with my choices…causing any inconveniences. But why? Why did I choose to say “It doesn’t matter”…when it certainly did to me? Fear. Fear of hurting someone. Fear of upsetting another. Fear can cause us to do silly things, placing us in the “Silly Human” category if we fail to do what we feel is right to us in a given moment.

While this story seems so minuscule to life decisions it is clearly a reflection of the greater choices we must make. If we can’t choose what music we want to play, how will we choose what favorite dinner place to eat at or career move that seems fit for us at that time? Choose, Make the choice and allow others to adjust their own sails to fit their own circumstances, freeing us from attachment to what ‘they’ think of us or how we should do something in particular.

This is my story, this is my song.~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas playing our favorite tune. With sweet melodies playing, lyrics to fill our soul…we carry on through the day without a care in the world to what others may be listening to. With varying melodies and lyrics, we carry out our day…happily ever after…

I invite you now, as I did this young lady earlier…accept the invitation to choose that which makes your heart sing.

this is my song

pic by Acewallpaper




Our Paradigm Shifts

Blink and our paradigm shifts…it is that easy.~Ani Po

Our understanding may be different from the next and our reality may differ the same, but assuredly the chance of shifting our perceptual thoughts into new paradigms is attainable. Choose to see differently or choose to remain the same, either way it remains our reality.

Seek and it shall be found. Quiet the mind and the Heart shall speak. Blink and it shall be given unto you…

Our Paradigm Shifts