Stepping into the Canvas®


Thank you for Stepping into the Canvas!

This page is a reflection of self journey and self-appreciation for all there is within the Canvas of Life. It is stated that Nature is God’s Canvas, making God the Painter. When we activate self-realization within this Canvas, we become co-creators, or co-painters, within the Canvas.

Whether it is gloomy and dismal or beautiful and Joyous, it is up to us to see the good in all things. It does not mean ignore the suffering or sadness…merely enjoy the fruits of our labors. We are here to enjoy the canvas, not bring more misery.

Focusing on the negative side of life, we remain in negativity. Focusing on the positive side of infinity, we enjoy Life to the fullest. Whenever possible, lend a hand…bringing joy to another persons day. If it is harmful from where you are to go in life…know when to wipe the dirt off your sandals and move on.

This page is dedicated to lifting the spirit of humanity…but most importantly on the self level. My intentions engage readers to think and contemplate the self, allowing further growth towards self-realization.


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