Investing In Our Dreams

Are you tired of going to work? Are you tired of feeling down? Are you just plain tired of being tired? Many will say this has to do with one excuse or another, but the real story is…they have just given up. Instead of getting up and doing something, they choose to sit in misery.

Seeing an old friend today, Ani Po greets him. She asks where have you been? Are you okay? This friend replies, “I just haven’t had energy lately, and I didn’t know how to get myself here. Struggling…I just chose to show up. Glad I made it, but I hope I can keep it going. Maybe it is all in my head?!” Ani Po interjects, “maybe it is all within your heart?”
How often do we go through life on auto pilot, not taking any account for who, what or where we have gone? This is our life and our responsibility to taking initiative to mastering ourselves and our lives.
Is it any one person’s fault? For not taking the initiative? Not at all! It is the collective whole, but it is our responsibility to break free. We have been trained to live this way all of our lives, living under a giant bell curve. In this bell curve we find the majority living life vicariously, wandering without any idea of their own purpose. Under this bell curve lay excuses is to why we cannot get away from the statistics of life. Today is different, today will change everything.
Today we will start taking actions for a brighter future. We will make necessary adjustments within our lives: ending negative friendships, leaving negative work environments…embracing all that makes us feel good. We all want to feel good, but yet we’re satisfied with staying in the negative pool of hate, fear, anger, and all of the above. It is time to step out of this negative pool and into a world of positivity.
Stepping into the canvas with accountability. Investing in a life we want to live, our returns far beyond what we’ve ever dreamed of. The canvas of life can be lived under one giant bell curve, or it can be redefined. Living on the outskirts of this bell curve…our own reality has changed. Listening to the inner guidance versus outer guidance, we shift the bell curve. Make the shift now…take action!

Stepping Into The Unknown As If It Were So

Stepping into the canvas of the unknown, with a sense of knowing. Often times we wonder how we get here or there, where we are headed, and often question the very ground we stand on. Let go of how we think it should or should not be…just allow it to be. When we Step in Spirit, we step into the flow…the natural flow of All life. Stepping into this life force… We step into all there is. Have a glorious day… And trust All will be Good.