Medicine Flows Through

Once annoyed

Now enjoyed

The melody hath brought

Flowing through my heart

Keen sense

Watchful eye

Patience greatest gift

Daily reminders

Mimicking or natural call

Being authentic

True to the core

Ambitious and enduring thought

Great vision

Sight of what is and what has not become

Sing to me

May your medicine flow through

Bow to you

Deepest gratitude for all there is.

~Ani Po

The Flow of Canvas

Enter the familiar

Comfortable and similar

Day in

Day out

People passersby arguing with another

At work never really on level of the next

The Heart burns

We act without thought

Offended another

Heart means well

Ground is familiar

Yet feels foreign to the touch


Burning desire

Dare to let go

Swept away by the sounds of eternal healing

We flow

We go

To places nobody knows


There is a calling

Heart tuning in

Sit with these chords

Translated by soul sensory knowingness

Mind, Body, Spirit

All in harmony as we go

Lost or wandering in awe

This is the Flow of Canvas.

~Ani Po