Kind Words

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.~Mother Teresa

Stepping into the Canvas with kind words can make or break a persons day. We must choose wisely as to not create a domino-effect of negativity, instead a domino-effect of positivity. Whether it is a conversation of the self or with another person, send good intentions their way. In doing so, the echos shall be heard from the highest mountains…

kind words

Beckon Me

embraced by God

We all get to a point where we need to stop and rest from the daily monotony of our days. Whether boiling point or pure exhaustion, we all have our moments of necessity for quiet time…those who heed the call, find happiness once again; those who do not, spiral downward into a place of sadness.

For me, finding personal me time is at 5:45am during my morning steam. After my workout, I retire to the steam room, where for the next fifteen to twenty-seven minutes I find solitude. In solitude I forget about the troubles of yesterday, preparing for the coming day. In preparation for the day, I set my intentions to that of positivity.

With intentions, we have the ability to establish our goals for the coming day…readying oneself for whatever comes our way. No matter what happens throughout the day, we have the ability to return to our sanctuary. While my sanctuary is in the steam room, yours may be somewhere else. Whether in nature, a quiet room or just being present with ourselves, it is an opportunity for us to reconnect with our thoughts and intentions. Whenever things getting hectic or stressful, take a silent retreat just for five minutes and reconnect with the solitude of bliss that was found within our sanctuary.

As I sit within the steam, clearing my thoughts, a voice emerges “Beckon Me Oh Lord. While walking in Spirit, I remain in flesh. The flesh weakens me, but knowing my connection with something higher than myself I am comforted. Beckon Me Oh Lord. May I know you as you know me.”

The echo of this voice travels, returning once more “Beckon Me.” Through my thoughts of flesh, returning to Spirit, more opportunity for positivity emerges.

Stepping into the Canvas crying Beckon Me Oh Lord, for it is you who have painted this masterpiece. May I come to know thy name as you have known mine. May the appreciation for this Canvas of Life strengthen with an infinite open invitation to return to a place of silence, allowing my eyes to focus once more upon yours.