Admiring Work Put In

Oh the joy to watch another artist creating a masterpiece amidst Great Canvas. With such detail, painful as it may, working upon the tapestry of life. Blood, sweat and tears? Dark, mysterious and alone?

What drives this artist to re-write, re-paint their heart upon the Canvas? Tired or fatigue as something or self does not fit? Why have they come to the fork in the road cafe? Where to turn on this cross roads of such?

Step with fear, painful and afraid. Trust in process, set afoot. Let go of what was, transcending higher and higher. Feel what it is, deep within cavern of soul. Sit in peace, pausing, soaking up energies of All There Is. Soar with Love, spreading heart-flames unrecompensed.

True artisan seeing beauty in another’s canvas, admiring work put in. Finding fellow painters, writers, singers of love for they shall be circle of truth of one’s own self be true.

~Ani Po