A New Song Amidst the Canvas

Entering shadow of doubt coming to a place of willingness to see flicker of hope. A light of sorts, a new canvas which carries a new tune of sorts.

Feel the feeling, a new song emerge. Entering shadows of fear, hope flickering in the distance. Entering heart in pure energy, healing all we desire.

Sing to decayed leaves once buried beneath the snow. Sing to birds returning from whence they came. Sing to the New Day, a New Canvas to explore….

~Ani Po


Stepping into Shadow

Stepping into inner cavern



No direction in site.

Fear arises

Perchance a bump in reality

Outer light pushing further inward.

Remain on the outskirts

Never knowing what awaits;

Step in

Discover new perspective of reality.

In light casting shadow of doubt;

Submerged inwardly shadow of sorts discovering luminous.

In darkness turning towards Source of Light…we are whole.

~Ani Po