A Thousand Faces

Sorting through a thousand faces that I see;

Not sure whether it is you or me.

Behind the masks and disguise;

Hidden from thine truth recognized.

Deep within the mirror, deep within the soul;

Diving further into a greater whole.

Into the darkness or into the light;

Makes no difference no longer fright.

No matter the places that we go, where we may look;

Remains the same, perception of this book.

Like an open cover, reading the contents set forth;

Turning pages of life with directions to the north.

Our thoughts may trip us, block us, keep us in fear;

Soon to find ourselves from nowhere to now here.

I lend a hand to another, the hand reaches back for mine;

What is done to another is done on time.

Letting go of my own;

Accepting a higher perspective.

No longer afraid;

No longer objective.

It just is;

It is so.

Stepping into the Canvas with a bit of rhythm in our step. No matter the pace, no matter the direction…we are free to roam where our hearts take us so. Just for today step out of a comfort zone, step out into the unknown…be fearless, be inspired…to go where you have never before…Ani Po

rhythm in our step

Setting the Stage

There is a difference between lending a hand and truly lending a hand. We can offer a hand to someone, giving help with a task or helping them get through certain situation. Whatever the case maybe, we can truly help them. However there are times when in our helping, we can actually create problems.

By helping them figure out a task, or we give them an answer, we inadvertently take away their ability to find it themselves. Turning off that hard in us that allows us to transform or to go beyond our physical self or the self that we thought we might be.

I learned a valuable lesson over the weekend. It’s a lesson of observing and allowing. For me to truly help another it is important to give them necessary tools…setting the stage, and allowing them to dance to their own beat. Not interfering, not cutting in, not correcting their steps, but allowing them to just dance.

This is the gift. A true gift of giving to another by allowing them to give back to the universe. Is it in this giving that we are receiving a gift, a gift of observation, allowance, gratitude not of…but of a collective whole.

Stepping into the Canvas with greatest of intentions. Our greatest intentions may be of helping another but discerning when to actually engage may be the difference for full understanding or even their full recovery from a situation.

greatest of intnetions