The Walls We Build

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.~Jim Rohn

I am reminded of this lesson while listening to a friend discuss her unhappiness. My dear friend has been hurt in the past, hence building walls of great strength to keep from further enduring pain inflicted by another or the illusion of pain self-inflicted.

She is a strong person, so strong that her words pierce the sharpest of armor on any warrior. The caution I expressed to her “was it possible that this wall keeps you from your own happiness?”

Perplexed…But I am happy!

Are you? Can you honestly say that nothing can bother you during your day?

Well of course not! There are many reasons why my day can go wrong.


Because, people have their own agenda and pay little attention to the people around them or the pain they may cause.

This is true, but do we have to allow their agendas of lacking consideration of those around them cause our pain?

Well no…I guess.

We can build all the walls we want or we can simply ignore the triggers that create our pain. I am not saying ignore the pain, but accept the pain but move on. Another persons inflicting pain does not have to become our own. However, if there’s deliberate physical harm or mental anguish inflicted upon us, then we have the choice to walk away.

Not my monkey, Not my circus…or simply stating “No thank you!”

Stepping into the Canvas as free and vulnerable as the world may see. No more walls, no more boundaries set…just freedom to be as happy as we choose to be.

the walls we build around us

Motivation is What Gets You Started

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.~Jim Rohn

It still amazes me how the cycles of life enter our daily lives. For me it is often up and down, as the body identifies. But what is that magic moment which thwarts us into the upswing? It is a thought, often time, presented at a time of despair or disgust…only to flash in an instant…giving us the light we needed in our darkest moments. Expounding on this thought we create new habits…ultimately a new reality…