Taking Flight

Choose not

Sharing thoughts with all of the world

Not all will understand

Negated by another

Thoughts over-bearing thoughts


Step into the Canvas

Heart-filled reality

Centered in deeper understanding

Of what was and what is

Coming to conclusive thought

It just is

Step with care

Running as fast as one can

Careful of void

Absence of light

Abyss of thought

Entered reality


Place of beginning and end


Black-hole of reality


Restored vitality

We call to wind

Taking flight

~Ani Po


Decisive Steps Within the Canvas

We step

Taken first steps

Joyously wandering

We spark

Illuminating divine

Lighting a path for another

Greed and hunger for another


Taken off course

“You should do this!”

“Try this!”

“I know what you need!”

We are open

We accept an invitation

Pain returns

We sit

Pondering our wandering

Lost directional steps


Choose again

Course deep within

Heart-centered reality

We step with more authority


Re-igniting our flame

Illuminating brighter than before

A beacon

Seen from far and away

Choosing not

Black hole of truths

We are the Light

A Beacon

Seen from far and away.

~Ani Po