One with You

I am one with you,

you are one with me.

I smile and you smile back.

I grimace and you grimace back.

I look to the heavens,

and they shine down on me.

I look to God above,

and She looks upon me.


Eyes shut,  I see no longer;

a new world begins.

I hear voices all around me,

mostly self thoughts.

Why have I not seen so clearly before?


I failed to see the darkness…



Out of the Wilderness

Into the forest the warrior flees,
Out of the desert he is freed.
The wind conspires,
The sun shines higher.
Like the due of the morning,
He enters afternoon in glee.
Throughout the days,
Helping those in need.

One hand, two,
Three and you.

No regrets,
No returns.
Only truth,
Remains to be seen.

From flesh,
To Spirit.
Only wholeness,
Remains to be seen.