Stepping into the Rain

Oh the clouds roll in,

Blocking the sunny day.

Worry not,

For it clears troubled hearts.

Step out into the rain,

Won’t you?

That’s it,

Letting it wash away fear.

Look up,

Kissing a thousand angels.

Cleansed of the past,

And worries of future.

Step out into the rain,

Won’t you?

Stepping into the rain we are stepping into our fears. Stepping into fear we are clearing that which holds us back. With every drop, every kiss…we are reminded of healing within our storms…Ani Po

The Canvas

Out of the night,

I am born.

Into the day,

I wander.

The first…


The second…


The Next Steps…

Ecstatically Sprinting.

Born into pastels,

Choked by fear.

Released once again,

By the Painter.

From “The Scream”

To Niagara Falls,

The beauty is in between.

Up close,

There is misery.

From afar,

Only perfection.

See the beauty

It has to offer.

Be ready

for the next step…

Giving Thanks

For…The Canvas.