Taking Another Turn


I am beginning to understand things with such clarity. Just coming back from a funeral today, where I began to feel a sea of emotions fill the room. Instinctively I began to keep time, passing energy and healing broken threads to all existence.

My sister-in-law, a woman of great faith, loses her Mother but gains much wisdom with her passing. As I witness this, I am left witnessing wisdom filling within me as well. Tears begin to flow, but I come to understand that throughout my life they were not my own but tears of humanity. Is it possible that we are merely here to correct he broken threads to our Brothers and Sisters?

Jesus spoke of this and so did Buddha, but who are we to think that we have this gift? I say to you now, Who are we not?! I began tapping, humming, singing quietly under my breath, as I did when I was younger.

It is not the breath of self, but the breath of our Brother that we give life.~Ani Po

When I was younger, I used to sing in the choir, often singing at funerals. Never knowing the deceased, but feeling such sadness and joy simultaneously. As I sang, the Holy Spirit began singing through me…filling my body with Spirit…becoming an extension of, then becoming one with Spirit. I forgot how to be in these moments, but Peru reminded me of who I was and what I am here to do. Just as I am here, so are you…to Mend the Broken Threads that bind us all…returning to All is Good.

When I left the funeral I called my friend to thank him for giving me the nudge, thanking him for reminding me to sing. Sadly, I have forgotten the songs that once sang from my lips, but happily report that it is not the words that matter but the vibration that is sung. So the journey continues and contemplation of the next steps, looking to Spirit…keep giving me bits and pieces, invoking memories of what once were and what they shall be.

Stepping into the Canvas, taking another turn.Turning to the unknown once again…I find myself no longer alone, but at peace, whole and ready to learn and grow with clearer understanding of what will be.

Have a glorious day…blessings of gratitude as we are healed.

new day


Spirit Calls Once Again

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something? Have you ever felt like you needed to do something? Or have you ever gotten the strange urge to call a friend to deliver some news? Chances are you are receiving a message from the field of possibilities.

I am still in awe every time this happens and so honored to have these messages flow through. My favorite moments are when connecting with someone, only to call on other people, who I later find out, are already connected with this person. The mystery and story unfolds as I carry a message to someone new.  Better yet, they accept the call into the field and travel with me into the great unknown…a place of infinite possibilities. I am not here to squelch anyone’s dreams…I am here to encourage them.

When we let go of our previous teachings or the previous upbringings of control, we open up to endless possibilities of new beginnings…creating a sea of potentiality. How does one get there? For most people, sadly, it takes a tragedy in life to get them to see the truth of ‘all things.’ However, these tragedies are merely disguises for great things to come. How many times have we heard of someone hitting rock bottom, only to climb to the highest mountains?

We do not have to wait for this time, but as humans we see no point in doing anything other than what we already know…remaining complacent in our days. Until one day we are forced to make a decision between the same up and down roller coaster ride or a new ride that screams endless excitement with a ‘no low’ guarantee. It is all possible…and it is possible now.

As I write this, I hear a voice, whispering into my ear…no name, no label…just a whisper. It begins to dictate, “we are all here to learn from one another and we are here to grow in our true-self, rising to the occasion of being a Warrior once more. There shall come a time in everyone’s life, they will need to make a choice. Stay on this side of the valley or travel the rocky path to nowhere, trusting that paradise awaits. Those willing to cross the valley of death, shall find paradise. Those afraid, stuck in the ordinary, shall never experience extraordinary. It is in our own death of flesh, that Spirit is born unto us.”

Out of the darkened night;


Spirit calls me into the Light.


Deep within the Words;


I begin to flow.



Within the lessons dare I go?


They present themselves only to me.


Choose to;


Or choose not.



Allowing myself the past;




Future…and what is to come.



Trusting, believing;


It is so.


Stepping, knowing;


Reality is true.



My darkened past…released.


My future…revealed.


Still only remaining…the Now.



Do what with needs to be;


With my day.


Go where the call takes me;


Still a mystery.



Wherever this may be;


Or whatever I am to do.


Know this…my Heart leads the way.


Whether you are stuck or have no idea where to go from here, stop and listen. Chances are Spirit is calling you by name. Those willing to hear the call, shall answer to the great I Am; those willing to answer the call, shall arrive Right on time.

Stepping into the Canvas with our Heart as our guide. Whatever the darkened past or lessons of life, we all have access to a powerful source of Light housed within. Follow this light and we will not be led astray…we shall find paradise. Listen to Spirit…and She will lead you there.