Defining Syncrosensational

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A day does not pass when we’re reminded of pain and suffering in the world. The dilemma? Do we dwell in it or do we create a new way of life? The choice is ours and ours alone. We mustn’t wait for a guru or someone else to figure it out for us, but walk the path alone. The guru or teacher may be a catalyst to what we already know, but it is our ambition to meaning that gets us to our destination.

When negativity is all around us, we must learn techniques of guarding ourselves from other persons negativity. Apply filters to our ears until all that remains is positivity that which filters into the brain. If their energy is too strong then politely excuse oneself until composure is regained. Some filters may include happy, positive thoughts or sending silent blessings to the perpetrator…Doing so instinctively draws upon a higher power.

Apply a guarded tongue…for our words shall amplify our actions or surroundings. Similarly, our words can give strength to a negative person…creating more negativity exponentially. With a guarded tongue we can assure only positivity into our lives, as our words become actions.

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Whatever you speak can bring life or death into your life. ~Proverbs18:21

Check  the  emotions  at  the  door. Just  as  in  one  of  the  steps  of  the  Eightfold  path ( /), life is much easier when we master our emotions. When we check our emotions at the door, we clear-headedly cipher through our dilemmas. When our emotions are in check, we have ability to master our actions.

If our thoughts become actions, then by thinking negative thoughts we shall end up acting out our negative thoughts. Basic Law of Attraction. Negative thoughts yield negative actions; positive thoughts nurture positive actions. Choose wisely. Focus not on the shortcomings, but the intent of our outcome. Wherever our intention flows our energy flows.

Living a syncrosensational life is about redefining oneself and the path we are on.  Does this path lead to destruction or does it lead to paradise? We all know the answers to these questions, but so few are willing to take necessary actions out of fear of being different. We are all different, but we are the same. Forget out about what others think and master thyself…release the fear now. We are the captain of our ship, the captain of our team. Be the Master of Synchronicity.

Stepping into the Canvas as a Master Painter, for we have painted our entire life: with paintings pleasing to the eye, while some not so much. Regardless of the flaws or flawlessness, we have mastered the strokes our entire life. It is time now to clean the slate, starting with fresh Canvas, Painting the Life we always dreamed. Have a Syncrosensational Day!


Creating a Syncrosensational Day

Recently, sitting with a circle of friends sharing intimate moments of life, we shared moments of magnificence. One person was so caught up in the moment as she described what made her feel magnificent, while stuttering between synchronicity and sensational. Stopping her and having her recite what she just said…What makes me feel Syncrosensational is this…

It is moments like this, we have an opportunity to share our deepest secrets while creating the life we want. In these moments…thoughts become things, our own reality is defined by syncrosensational moments. The group thought the word fitting for all, as we desire similarly dreams of happiness. May you all have syncrosensational moments throughout your days…

A long and contemplative look at the stars suggests to a thoughtful person the need of shining in his own place, a t her own magnitude, and with his or her own hue. ~Harold E. Kohn

Being open to new encounters and new ideas, we find ourselves experiencing more magical moments of magnificence. In these moments we define our reality. When sharing conversation with another, there is bound to be magic each and every time…if parties are open to it. Often times we need reminding of being open to new ideas, so here was our reminder…

We might do well to write out an affirmation and hang it over our desk or over the kitchen sink: I AM ALWAYS OPEN TO NEW IDEAS. ~Dan Custer

Being open to change, one is bound to have a magical moment each and every day. Being open to change is an invitation for being in awe.

Stepping into the Canvas Open to Change. Within openness we find closure; we find peace, love and tranquility. It is vast and within reach…we need only be open to new ideas. Be open and you are bound to have a Syncrosensational day!

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5 Steps To A Syncrosensational Day

If we were to ask any one person what they desired most, it would be happiness. Happiness is the number one priority for every human being, sadly it often takes a back seat to our busy days. Well today is the day we make it a priority…today is the day we let go of everything but happiness.

Happiness is not anything that must be found, but merely accepted. Accepting happiness we set the stage for a syncronsensational day. We are meant to be happy, we are meant to be free.

The first step is often the most difficult, but most critical. It is the very step that puts the machine into motion. The first step is identifying what we want and how we go about obtaining happiness. Again, I say to you, it is not something we find, but accept.

This first step could be identifying a stressful situation at work, an uncomfortable position working with a negative person, or it could be letting go of any self-defeating thoughts. The first step is identifying the end result.

Next we must commit to making necessary changes in our lives, allowing action to take over. By applying our dreams to our reality, they become our new reality. Making a commitment requires changing your mind on a set belief system and applying a new set of beliefs. Are there thoughts ”I’m not pretty enough” or ”I am not good enough?” What ever the identifier is in ones life…see it, label it and change it to a new belief…that of something more positive. We are good enough, we are beautiful enough and we shall no longer ask ”why me?” Instead, it shall be…Why not me?

Committing to happiness, we set into motion the necessary steps.  Posting notes or little reminders around the house, they remind us of our goals. We may paint or draw a vision board or write a daily journal or log about our intended goals for that day…which ultimately leads to the final goal of eternal happiness.

By writing it in a journal, a log or creating a vision board, we are committing our goals and etching them into stone. The more we place these little reminders in plain sight, the better the chance of becoming a reality. Seeing happiness and feeling it with every cell in our body, we change our thoughts into a new reality. Our thoughts become things by literally altering every neurofiber within our brain. In doing so, we are etching our new reality into stone.

1. Identify the area of need

2. Commit to making a change.

3. Take the necessary Steps.

4. Write it in stone.

5. Witness…and so shall it be.

Ultimately, to find happiness, we must merely accept it, but whatever we desire in our lives we believe it shall be so. In doing so, we are feeling it with our whole being, and we are witnessing our own miracles take form. In witnessing…we shall know it to be true.

Stepping into the Canvas taking necessary steps. In doing so, we commit to a new belief system…one of truth. We see it, we feel it…we know it to be true. Believing in our own happiness, we set in motion the necessary steps towards our end goal. Take the necessary steps, commit to change and write them in stone…Defining Syncrosensational.

The Way. Rumi

I Am The Canvas


While nature is the canvas of God, I am a part of it. Part of this great canvas, I become the canvas…an intricate part of all there is.

Contemplating my own ups and downs, coming to a realization that light always shines regardless of the day. Just as the sun rises in the east only to shine forth on the day, I too shall shine. While the sun is and always will be, our life isn’t always…assuredly it still exists.

Allowing the clouds to cover my Light, I rest only to shine another day. This is a cycle we all go through. We have our ups and downs; we have our highs and lows. Accepting the lows, embracing the highs and vice versa, we learn and grow from every moment…we need only focus on the Light of the day.

Take note of the canvas around us today, what does it have to teach? Everything within this world has a lesson to teach us. Opening our eyes not of flesh but of our heart, we are left to see the beautiful lessons the sun brings forth from the east. With the birds singing, the animals playing, we are off to our destination…wherever we must go.

This morning I called on my brother Sun to show me the way, to give the answers…and this is what he has given to me.

So whatever the days may bring, it is our intention to remain focused on the source of Light. In doing so, we shall never again fall to darkness. Letting go of troubles, leaving our misery, we find brighter days filled with Sunshine…even within the clouds.

Stepping into the Canvas as One: One person, one community, one canvas…we are. No matter the clouds filling our days, the Sun remains for all to see. No matter the misery, we remain in happiness. With risk of being thought crazy, we laugh yet again, accepting ourselves for who we are…declaring…I Am the Canvas.