The Rainbow Bridge: Bridging The Past And Present

It is this very moment that which is a pivotal point in history. Not a global sense, but on an individual sense. All the teachings of old and all the references of how “we” should be…all point to the self. Our actions can change our own history, thereby changing history of humanity. It is our actions that can change seven generations after us.

The ‘Seven Generations’ is a philosophy, or a teaching, that the indigenous people from all across the globe have taught their children for centuries. Their philosophy is: our actions in this very moment have the ability to change seven generations after our own. Think about it, we not only think about our own personal life, but the generations to come. This simple act raises our awareness to a higher vibration of awareness. This simple act can change future generations, but what about the seven generations before us?

It is this essential time that we must forgive and allow healing to begin, allowing the seven generations before us to be healed. With awareness of our actions, we change the course of history for seven generations, but through forgiveness of ourselves, and where we have traveled, we allow our ancestors to heal as well.

As we forgive, we heal our past. Not just our own, but the seven generation before us. As we forgive, releasing the shadows of the past, we step forward into brighter light…that of love. With every step from there forward, we change the seven generations of the future. Thereby in this very moment we have the ability to bridge the seven generations before and the seven generations after.
We are the Rainbow Bridge. Just as the rainbow reminds us of the beauty from the rain, it gives us further wisdom of our daily actions. Imagine the seven colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The colors of the Rainbow are symbolic of the seven generations, with each color symbolic of each generation of the past.  Our past projects the colors forward, received at a pivotal point in history, that being us, and are projected outward in pure light. We are that pivotal point.

The Rainbow Bridge is often correlated with bridging the gap between the physical plane and the afterlife. It is much more than that. It is the bridge that carries us from different planes: before and afterlife, generations to generation. We are the Rainbow Bridge, we are the pivotal point in history, we are the change we seek.

If we take a crystal, putting it in the path of the sun, a rainbow emerges.  On one side pure light, while projecting the spectrum of a rainbow from the other. This is reflective of the self, as we focus on the source of light we are shown the rainbow of our past. Our knowledge of who we are, where we have traveled and how our DNA has been handed down to us, becomes that much clearer…We Just Know.

Focusing on the painted colors of our past, just for a moment, we allow ourselves to heal. Through our healing process, awareness, and intentions, our focus shifts to what we want most…more Light. Allowing the teachings of the seven generations before, we project forward, manifesting a life filled with more light.

As the pivotal point within self, we shift from the morning of our lives into the afternoon of our lives.

During our own lifetimes we make a shift in consciousness, no longer living vicariously, but purposefully. As Carl Jung often discussed, we shift from the ‘morning of our lives’ to the ‘afternoon of our lives’ changing our steps and our actions to that of being more purposeful. We are the pivotal point from past to future, in our lifetime and in past and future lifetimes. In this present moment, we have the ability to heal not only ourselves, but the seven generations before and after. We are the Rainbow Bridge receiving the seven generations of the past, while projecting forward pure light…pure bliss.

But how? How can we bridge the gap between past and present? How do we heal our ancestors of old? Through the forgiveness of self, we forgive them and the teachings that have brought darkness upon us. Through our own forgiveness we forgive the past generations, thereby healing them and releasing them of any guilt. Lifting this guilt our consciousness becomes that much lighter…allowing our steps to be such.

But what our future? How can we assure our future generations? Through Love. Love is the highest vibration on the spectrum of Light. As our darkened past enters, we forgive. Through our forgiveness, we transform our past into a Loving, brighter future.

After receiving this message and writing it down, I shared them with a co-worker. As we discussed the here and now, changing our own history, we began to see wholeness within the self, our ancestors of before and those who have not yet arrived. We saw the “red Thread” of humanity within the self. This red thread intertwines us all within the present, but also intertwines us with the past, present and future. This thread cannot be broken, but it can be threaded with Love. Love is the pivotal point, it is the Rainbow Bridge. When we forgive ourselves of our past, we are stepping forward In Love. In Love, we step gracefully and purposefully not only for the self, but for future generations.

Talking about the here and now, the seven generations are not about the seven generations of before-and-after, but about the self. In one hand we have our past, the other our future. As we bring them together in Love, we heal all the generations before and after, allowing Love and Light to prevail. Our past is also symbolic of the masculine, while the future symbolizes the feminine. Bringing the masculine and the feminine together, as one, we are made whole once again. In wholeness, we move forward effortlessly, shedding more light on our days.

My co-worker had an a-ha moment just then, as she discussed the book of Revelations. Revelations talks about an end of days, but too often we look to the future for this great battle of humanity…when we need only look within myself. This battle spoken in revelations is not of humanity but on individual level. Those willing to stand and fight against themselves shall find paradise. As we walk through our personal ‘Valley of Death,’ we emerge victorious over our self-mastery.

As one co-worker was explaining to another about the conversation we had, she expresses, “You thought all that this morning?” I replied yes. “And here all I thought was TGIF.”

Laughing now we both acknowledge that TGIF can sum up what had just been written. What I just thought of and what she just thought of…is just that. It’s that pivotal point in our lives that we just say, “TGIF.” My co-worker laughing now replies, “I’m on fire!”

Stepping into the Canvas as the Rainbow Bridge, bridging the gap between our past and future. As we step in forgiveness, the generations before shall be healed; Stepping in compassion our future just got a whole lot brighter.

From Broken To Wholeness

In the morning of our Lives, we vicariously live through the collective consciousness of the greater whole. Until we come to a point where our contemplation becomes to great to miss. Somewhere between the morning of our lives and afternoon of our lives we contemplate our very existence, wishing, hoping for a better life. Sadly their are those who never stop to think of how they got to the current status, viciously breaking down the heart of the soul.

Those who continue to live vicariously for the greater whole, live in misery until their last breath. Those who declare enough, contemplating their next chapter in life, chances are they will find what they are looking for…chances are they will find true happiness. True happiness is that which comes from nothing else but the notion that all is good. True happiness comes from being as authentic as authentic will allow.

Being open to one’s true self, takes courage…for once you step onto the path of Warrior…everyone, even family, will declare you insane. Sadly, those who do the finger-pointing are still within the false self…sheltered by a collective conscious of the greater whole. Take a good look at the greater whole…how is that consciousness working out? Thankfully, those who are reading this have changed their thought process to that of self-actualization.

Through self-realization, we come to a place of caring not of what others may think, or say, or do…we come to a place of pure happiness. In happiness we are freed of self-judgment, freeing us from judging others. When a street person asks for money, we instinctively give what we can. Questioning not of what the money will be spent on, but merely to satisfy a need of another human being.

Ani Po emerges, from the movies, with her two children and are met by Terry, a pan handler looking for money. Does it matter if it’s for beer, food, or medicine? What matters is…Terri needed something and Ani Po, with her children, had what he needed…no strings attached. As the street-person began telling Ani Po why he needed money, Ani Po interrupted him, “I do not need to know. I just need to know how much you need. If it is within my ability, I will give what you need.”

How often do we, as humans, expect to teach someone a lesson of life by forcing our beliefs onto another? As hard as it may be, we must not attach expectations when assisting another. What is that they want? Do we have what they need? Can I part with it? If the answer is yes to these questions, then why not offer it up?

Our basic needs are this: food, water, shelter. While many of us have these basic needs, there are many who struggle for these to be met. There rest of the masses still seek safety, a sense of belonging and self-esteem. Many will find these, but sadly there are those who will remain in the dark until that last breath. To reach self-actualization, one most pass the basic needs with a knowing that All is Good.

We have all shed blood,

now we must come together,

mending a broken heart.

~Ani Po

This broken heart…is our own. How do we fix that which has been broken? One can merely accept it…and they live happily ever-after or they chip away at the excess placed for their entire lives. Chipping away the excess may be difficult and may need special tools or they need only move forward in Love. Through willingness and intent, we can begin taking necessary steps and take necessary actions towards change.

Change our thoughts, Change our Life.

~Wayne Dyer

It is through our thoughts of intention that our lives shall surely change forever. Our intent must be focused merely on what we want…and not what we do not. First, accepting who we are and loving every step that has led to the now, we come to a place of self-love, self-peace and self-actualization. We must learn to feel comfortable once again, in our own skin. We must feel comfortable alone with ourselves. We must…Breathe.

“It is of practical value to learn to like yourself.

Since you must spend so much time with yourself

you might as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

Stepping into the Canvas afraid and broken. Give ourselves permission to be broken, only to seek wholeness once more. It is through our broken-ness that we shall find wholeness; through our darkness, we shall find Light; from nothing, we find everything. Accepting the broken, we are on the fast-track to being of mend. Let go of the guilt, the baggage of yesterday…grab onto an awe-inspired life…grab onto Love.

With my own two, I paint the Canvas to fit my needs.~Ani Po