Losing Everything

Expanding on the lessons of Ron and the lesson of losing what we already have…

As humans we attach ourselves to the things around us, such as people and material things. It is acceptable to attach to these things, but only for a moment. Eventually we will all have to let go of what we have.

Yesterday, when finishing up with a Cancer Patient, I sat with her and discussed the possibilities of her losing her hair. She was very distraught over this topic and was hopeful that she would not lose her hair, as so many people go through. Being treated for Brain Cancer, she is very likely to lose most or all of her hair. To her this meant losing everything.

Thinking back to Ron’s lesson of letting go of what we have or enjoying it while it is there, then eventually letting it go. For me losing hair is not an issue as I am follicularly challenged, allowing me to see the beauty of those around me with or without hair. I often tell people, “The ideal world where everyone finds happiness, is where everyone is bald and ungroomed armpits.” We live in a society dictating how we should be perceived and if we do not fit the painted picture, we are not accepted or are isolated out of fear of saying the wrong thing. We are all individuals who want to be Loved…nothing more, nothing less.

When I told this patient about her options, I highly recommended her shaving her head as soon as she noticed hair coming out. Speaking from experience, it is a psychological transformation when we have the control of our destiny. Why not take control of your hair loss?

She replied, “You mean I should shave all my hair off?” I smiled, “No, only your head.” We both laughed as we both pictured each other with a body filled with hair.