The Watchers

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I woke from a startling dream on the eve of starting a new career. After thirty years of treating Cancer patients, I embark on the unknown. I mean, I never heard of this Ditrax Company in the first place.

Ditrax is a company who develops software for mind, body and spirit, enhancing the end users ability to navigate through life without attachment to suffering, releasing all traumas while awakening them to All there Is. At least that is what I believe it to be.

“Welcome to Ditrax Darius, let me show you to your workspace.”

At Ditrax, they do not believe in labels of assistant or secretary but navigator. Jessie, the Navigator, directed me to my workspace.

Entering the office was magnificent; computer monitors lit up and associates tracking behavior of others, whilst tweaking frequencies for maximum awareness. Yes, they are actually creating enlightened people with a touch of a screen.

I meet Eva and Justin whom I’ll be working closely with them in developing new product. At this point my head is spinning as this is all new to me. The spirituality aspect of life remains close to me, but the enhancement in such a way that Ditrax has created…mind-blowing.

Observing Eva and Justin with at least a dozen other associates, working on product development in the Cavern, it is straight out of a science fiction movie. This is the name of the epicenter of Ditrax, the Cavern is the heartbeat of product and development.

Pinch me, is this real?!

I must have said that out loud because Justin pinched me.


Yep it’s real.

We laughed as I realized I spoke my thoughts. Wait I didn’t open my mouth.

Looking at Justin, wondering if he read my mind, confirming smile says yes.

What the Fuck? You can read minds?

Yes, that is one of my gifts.

What do you mean gifts?

Well the reason we are all hired at Ditrax is for our personal gifts. We all have them, but Ditrax has weeded through for the most advanced. Those with special gifts are sought after and hired as by design.

What design?

The design of the Creator.

Excuse me? What creator? Creator of Ditrax?

No, the Creator. You know…the Almighty, Great Mystery, God, All there Is. The ever-present really has no name but has chosen from Children of the Revolution, the Rainbow Warriors and Avatars of this timeline. The Great I Am has called us all together for something greater.

Wait a minute, you mean to tell me, five minutes into my new career I find out that The Great Almighty is behind this company?!


You are fucking nuts and why is that team of Men in Black like dudes staring at us from behind the glass?

What team of men?

Right over there!

Pointing at the mirrored glass across the room, Eva and Justin cannot see what I am looking at.

Telepathically communicating — Justin, can you hear me.

Yes. Yes I can.

I think he was just as stunned as I was talking to him telepathically and was now holding a conversation. Like in the old Pagan days, where Druids and practitioners developed skills of telepathically communicating with their people as they were hunted by barbarians, we were holding a conversation.

Behind that mirrored glass there are 4 very large men who are armored and wearing dark sun glasses like that movie Men in Black.

No way?! I heard rumors of the Watchers but thought it to be a myth. They are an elite force who hand selects team members for special operations. Nobody has any clue as to what they do or what the cause…just rumors and made up stories.

*Alarm goes off* It’s 6:45am

Damnit! I was sleeping again.

I roll over to kiss Cristal, my longtime partner, “good morning sunshine.”

Ugh, I am sleeping and don’t want to get out of bed.

We have to. Remember we were meeting our group to go riding in the foothills of Holy Hill? We have to get going if we are to meet them in time.

We were meeting a group of riders, called Children of the Revolution, whom are sport bike enthusiasts and have a real thrill for speed. Cristal and I were looking forward to this ride as we thirst for speed and adrenaline rush.

We grab our bikes and depart. Cristal can’t wait to take her Ducati out for a spin. Not really having been able to push her Panigale V2 for a true test ride, she hopes to in the rolling hills of Hubertus. I remain true to my love for Ninja, sporting my all black ZX-10R.

Circling around the city, through the Marquette interchange, we exit onto highway 41, off of the Miller Park way, then finally Lisbon ave.

This exit brings back so many memories as a child, passing La Choy restaurant and the old Clark Station run by George. I recall having a bike accident on this stretch of road, as a child…actually twice. First time was cutting across Lisbon and Appleton in between cars stopped at the lights, when an elderly lady didn’t see me as she turned right onto Appleton ave. Hitting her on the front quarter panel, shattering her mirror with my hand, and Flipping over the car and landing on the wheels of my bike, only to succumb to adrenaline’s fall.

Just as I was recalling the second time, rainy sliding around the corner and hitting the curb sideways, flipping sideways into a car lot. Both bikes were damaged severely and tires had to be replaced. Broken bones healed also.

Just as I recalled, Cristal and I, as if doing synchronized swimming, began to slide after dumping our bikes.

Assessing the damage, Cristal and I were unharmed. Bikes and flesh with minor damages…merely scratches on both. As we were picking up our bikes, a flatbed appeared with a crane like attachment.

It was not a normal flatbed, but it was straight out of a sci-fi movie. Silver and black in color, with eight flame throwing jet pack like boosters on the back. This thing floated down from the skies.

Frozen, stunned.

“What the Fuck?!” is all Cristal and I could say.

Without asking or knowing what was happening, the last thing I remember is watching the crane like sci-fi flatbed thingy, picking up our bikes and docking them into the machine.

*Alarm goes off It’s 6:45am

Wait a minute this wasn’t real either? Until I received the call from Jessie at Ditrax.

Darius? This is Jessie from Ditrax, Ms. Chambers would like to meet with you personally. She is sending a car to pick you up.

Rolling over to glance at Cristal, with half-opened eyes, to try and understand what is going on.

What is it? She asks

Did I start a new job?

Oh my gosh…yes! And it has been the best thing ever! You have changed so much and whatever you are doing at Ditrax is changing us.

Well, Ms. Chambers wants to meet with me personally.

The head of Ditrax? That is great.

Yes it is great, but strangely she wants to meet you as well.

What? It’s Saturday morning and I have a ‘shit-ton’ to do today.

Well, Ms. Chambers insisted that you and I come in immediately and it would be worth our time. She said she was sending a car around to pick us up.

What?! That is strange.

Not as strange as last night, when I woke up from multiple dreams within a dream, within a dream, only to have made them up. So real were these dreams as if I was creating them on a big screen in the movie theaters.

We dressed business casual, as we were meeting with the Director of Ditrax, actually her title as the Director is more like the President of the company. So when the President of your company calls to meet, you dress a bit more businesslike.

We step out of our building and there is a Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard Series Limo waiting for us. I thought Ms. Chambers was sending an Uber, but when the driver got out and Said, “Darius, Cristal, glad to meet you both. I will take you to meet with Ms. Chambers.”

Cristal and I just look at each other as if we were both dreaming now.

Pinch me if this is real.

Recalling my dream, within a dream, she pinches me.

Just like in the dream I had, where I telepathically spoke to someone named Justin, Cristal heard me, pinched me as to test the thought of this being a dream.

Ouch! What was that for?!

You asked me to pinch right?!

Both of us stare in disbelief as we are now telepathically speaking to one another.

What the Fuck?!

Bill, our driver, interjects, “I think whatever you are experiencing right now, this is why Ms. Chambers requested to see you.

Am I losing my mind?

Cristal pops in, “I think we are both losing our minds. What the Fuck?!”

We drive out to a little town called Lomira. In the middle of nowhere and thousands of windmills in fields as far as the eye can see. We turn down a dirt road heading for the middle of the windmill farm.

Ten miles into the farm, we arrive at a communications building. So it appears. Not certain but looks to be the communication building at the center of all the windmills, directing and re-directing the farm.

The garage door open and we drive into the communications building.

Doors close.

With green lights flashing, we begin descending into the ground.

Cristal, is this really happening?

Yes, I am afraid. What is happening?

We stop and doors open. There is an underground fucking city under this windmill farm!!!

We turn onto what appeared to be an interstate and traveled a couple of miles.

We arrive at a facility with dark, mirrored glass on the front of the building. We stopped and woman in a black business like pant suit is waiting at the front door.

Bill expresses, “Wow, Ms. Chambers came out directly to greet you both. This is a special day indeed.”

Good morning Darius. Good morning Cristal. I hope your ride was pleasant. I am sure you have questions as everything is surreal. I assure you everything will make sense very soon.

What is this place?

Ms. Chambers replies, “welcome to the Void. Where everything happens and questions get answered.”

I called you both here today, to meet a team of investors and introduce you both to your new team. This is truly a special day. What you both have accomplished through the Collective is astonishing and ground breaking to ascending all of mankind.

We stepped into an elevator and Ms. Chambers pressed ‘the Core.’ From the looks of the buttons and the feeling of going down, we are traveling at least 17 floors further into the ground.

How far are we going down?

With a smile on her face, “30 floors below the Void of course. We are heading to the Core of it all, where all things exist and don’t exist amidst this circular ball of rock.

*Ding. Doors open.

We step out to a room full of people, clapping and giving a standing ovation to Cristal and I.

Is that Alec Baldwin?

Yes, he is one of our largest investors.

Wait. There are those guys from my dream. The ones behind the glass at what I remember to be Ditrax.

Ms. Chambers: “That wasn’t a dream; it was part of a simulation program. The work you and Cristal have been working on, altering brain cognition and expanding consciousness was just the tip of the iceberg. Those men you saw are an Elite force working for the Creator, to assure what we are doing here in the Void, does not get into the wrong hands. The Watchers are here to oversee our work and protect its vitality.”

Wait a minute. So Justin and Eva are real? The watchers thought to be a myth, are real?!

Yes sort of.

They are all a part of this reality you have created.

Creation Speaks

Speechless, is what comes to mind;

nothing to say or any thoughts.

This silence is both friend and fo;

simply choose.

Choose the friendlier of the two,

For that is where peace is found.

Choose the latter, and

Fear implanted in our heads.


Emptiness fills my soul;

I have nothing, therefore I am nothing.

Hah!  Nothing is everything.

To be nothing or have nothing is where freedom can be found.

For in this nothingness,

we see everything.


The Universe speaks, but we fail to listen.

The Universe has all the answers,

But we fail to ask.

Ask now what the hearts desire,

And it shall be so.

Seek to be filled to the rim,

And it shall spill unto all we meet.


Close our eyes,

Listen…for Creation Speaks.