Baby Steps Forward

Stepping into the Canvas, the Warrior finds herself on familiar ground. Though scenery is different and the path is not as clear, She smiles knowing that all will be good. In the face of adversity a new opportunity is born. In the same setting the Pilgrim loses his way in fear of what lay before him.

Do you have a situation that you see as holding you back? What is holding you back from making the necessary changes? Are you more like the Warrior that smiles in the face of adversity or the Pilgrim who shutters at the mere thought of moving forward?

The solution to any problem is merely taking the first step towards that which you most desire. Let go of the self-defeating thoughts of what you do not want in your life, but focus everything you have on what you want most. This thought should be your first thought of the day, after giving thanks for that first breath, and it should be the last thought before retiring for the  day. It is the first step that is most difficult, but it is the steps that follow that keep the momentum. Those baby steps just got bigger!

Stepping into the Canvas, I embrace that which I most desire and let go of any self-defeating thoughts which may keep me from achieving my goals.