Are you Listening?

It is I who speaks, but you have failed to listen.

It is I who listens, but words have no meaning.

I am everywhere and everyone, but yet you spit and curse my name.


If you only knew who is there besides you, you would no longer cut me off.

If you only saw the perfection, you would no longer take life for granted.

If you only felt my spirit, you would learn to Love as I do.


See me, Feel me, Hear me, For I am all there ever is.

Love me, Forgive me, Help me, For I am the Lost as well as the Found.

Heal me, Hold me, Comfort me, For I am the sick as well as the Healed.


…Look out your window now and see…For I am all there is to see.

Another Day Has Ended

Another day has ended,

Many lessons learned.

Attack each new day,

As it was the only day left.

So much to do,

So much time.


I cannot wait for the next lesson,

There is  much to learn.

I will be your star pupil,

Willing and able.

So much to do,

So much time.


There are many lost,

Who need a helping hand.

My hand reaches for them,

There willingness to reach back.

So much to do,

So much time.


For if they choose not to,

Wash my hands.

I will pray for them,

No matter how lost they get.

So much to do,

So much time.


For those willing to be saved,

Shall be shown the way.

May they see what I see,

Your brightness of the day.

So much to do,

So much time.


I AM your humble servant,

And I will do as you wish.

Just as you called Samuel,

I AM here Lord.

So much to do,

So much to see.