My Love for you does not cease.~Ani Po

It is time to look deep within the soul, seeing deeper within the mirror of Life. Facing our past, letting go; Turning towards our future, embracing the now. It is through acceptance of self, we accept humanity as a whole; through forgiveness of self, forgiven by the greater whole; Loving another as thyself, we are made whole. We are not separate from anyone or anything, we are a part of the Canvas of Life…we are One. We are Agape.

unconditional_love. hafiz

All the Hemispheres by Hafiz

Leave the familiar for a while.

Let your senses and bodies stretch out


Like a welcomed season

Onto the meadow and shores and hills.


Open up to the Roof.

Make a new watermark on your excitement

And love.


Like a blooming night flower,

Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness

And giving

Upon our intimate assembly.


Change rooms in your mind for a day.


All the hemispheres in existence

Lie beside an equator

In your heart.


Greet Yourself

In your thousand other forms

As you mount the hidden tide and travel

Back home.


All the hemispheres in heaven

Are sitting around a fire



While stitching themselves together

Into the Great Circle inside of