I Am On Purpose

Whether we truly know where we are headed or have no idea, we must realize that we are all on purpose. Whether a goal setter, or couch potato…Yes, we are all on purpose.

Struggling with this lesson many times myself, I came to a place of knowing that I too am on purpose. This morning at the gym I saw many fitness enthusiasts with goals of marathons, triathlon, weight loss, or just all around well-being, leaving me to ponder…where are my goals?

Often recommending goal-setting to friends and clients, etc., I am left wondering what goals do I have? Then I ponder…what do we need goals if we are living in the moment. Is this just an excuse not to set goals? Is this a reason to not move forward? Some might say yes, but I know better. Not better for anybody else but myself. I write this not for myself but hopes that others will find their purpose whether it be in the goals or just in the moment. The key to any success is always in the moment…with or without goals.

Laughing now, recollecting the confirmation this morning…Going through my daily morning ritual: going to the gym, sitting in the steam room, clearing my head…Oh wait, today I can’t clear my head…The 10,000 things surface. Interrupted by my daily routine, with the 10,000 things, I evacuate the steam room in hopes of gathering my thoughts elsewhere. In disbelief that I could get distracted with the 10,000 things, self judgment sets in, as many humans experience. This lasts for a moment and then I move on with the question of, once again…what is my purpose? At the moment of my question, the answer appears.

At the very moment I asked where am I going? And what is my purpose? The dial antiperspirant falls over mysteriously, and reads… Purpose: antiperspirant. Laughing now at myself, I realized that I’m not to “sweat it.”  **Pun intended**Some might say this is coincidence, some might not, whatever the case the answer appeared to me this morning.

I invite you to be open to the many questions, mysteries and more importantly answers that follow. The answers can come in many shapes and sizes. Whether in a simple dial spray can or in the sprouting mushrooms from the decaying earth (which I discuss in a earlier lesson of the mushroom, in a previous posting “I AM That”). When we are open to the answers…They mysteriously show up.

Expanding on this lesson, I think of myself as being imperfect and brings a smile to my face knowing that I truly am imperfect. Aware of this imperfection, I land in perfection.

Judge me for my perfections,

judge me not for my imperfections.~Ani Po

Further contemplating this lesson, deepening my thoughts of the 10,000 things. I’ve arrived at the possibility that the 10,000 things maybe a distraction, keeping me from finding that peace within. Can they also be an attraction of peace within? Today in the steam room if I were to let go of focusing on my breath, I would surely have fallen asleep. But the 10,000 things floating around in my mind…I am kept awake by my monkey-mind. And what’s the purpose of the 10,000 things. While the 10,000 things can be a distraction they can also work to your benefit, guiding you in the direction of need.

Instead of dissolving the 10,000 things be with them, be with the 10,000 things…allowing them to be present. Allowing them to be present, we can dismiss them as needed or remain with them as needed. Please no rules on your quietude…Just remain in the moment. Being in the moment we find purpose once again…just for that moment. In that moment we find purpose and that purpose presents itself in our daily activities.

Stepping into the Canvas with Purpose. Whatever goals or lack of goals you set, there is no right, there is no wrong…there just is. Be present in this very moment and allow yourself to enjoy every aspect of the Canvas of Life. We are meant to enjoy this world, not the opposing. Make it what you will, enjoy it as you do…♥ Joseph

Dissolving the 10,000 Things

By using “two ears and one mouth,” in that order, we are more affective in our daily routines. Whether one is a teacher, mentor, leader or anyone else for that matter. Speaking less and listening more, allows others to not only vent but speak their minds, clearing the 10,000 things.

As Ben Merens discusses, “We are dying to be heard.” Each one of us needs an outlet to rid the burden built up for our entire lives. The difficult part, is not telling people what they should do and allowing them to figure out their own dilemma.  Using restraint, we in turn give the gift of self-reliance. Trying to force an issue or ramble on about what should be done  only creates animosity. Further, all that will be heard is, “Wah, Wah, Wah” to the voice of Charlie Brown’s Teacher.

When a person is ready for change they will approach the appropriate people. When they ask, then and only then is it acceptable to offer suggestions. Until then exercise patience, be kind and be the change you want to be…not their change. When they are ready, they will change.

This technique can also be used on the self. Two ears, one mouth…applied to the self allows the inner voice to speak. When listening to internal dialogue, we make appropriate shifts in our lives. This process brings to the surface, the 10,000 things that weight us all down. Journal our thoughts by pen to paper, our thoughts become our reality. Keeping the thoughts hidden within our conscious, they remain lost in the 10,000 things stored in our subconscious. Applying pen to paper, we unleash the 10,000 things. Unleashing the 10,000 things, we clear our minds of clutter and allow our imagination to become reality.

Stepping into the Canvas with two ears, one mouth…listening not only to those around us, but the internal voice. Listening to oneself, dissolving the 10,000 things, allows the monkey mind to dissipate.  While the monkey is cute, he can be a bit annoying.