Dissolving the 10,000 Things

By using “two ears and one mouth,” in that order, we are more affective in our daily routines. Whether one is a teacher, mentor, leader or anyone else for that matter. Speaking less and listening more, allows others to not only vent but speak their minds, clearing the 10,000 things.

As Ben Merens discusses, “We are dying to be heard.” Each one of us needs an outlet to rid the burden built up for our entire lives. The difficult part, is not telling people what they should do and allowing them to figure out their own dilemma.  Using restraint, we in turn give the gift of self-reliance. Trying to force an issue or ramble on about what should be done  only creates animosity. Further, all that will be heard is, “Wah, Wah, Wah” to the voice of Charlie Brown’s Teacher.

When a person is ready for change they will approach the appropriate people. When they ask, then and only then is it acceptable to offer suggestions. Until then exercise patience, be kind and be the change you want to be…not their change. When they are ready, they will change.

This technique can also be used on the self. Two ears, one mouth…applied to the self allows the inner voice to speak. When listening to internal dialogue, we make appropriate shifts in our lives. This process brings to the surface, the 10,000 things that weight us all down. Journal our thoughts by pen to paper, our thoughts become our reality. Keeping the thoughts hidden within our conscious, they remain lost in the 10,000 things stored in our subconscious. Applying pen to paper, we unleash the 10,000 things. Unleashing the 10,000 things, we clear our minds of clutter and allow our imagination to become reality.

Stepping into the Canvas with two ears, one mouth…listening not only to those around us, but the internal voice. Listening to oneself, dissolving the 10,000 things, allows the monkey mind to dissipate.  While the monkey is cute, he can be a bit annoying.

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