Out Of The Darkened Night

Out of the darkened night;

Spirit calls me into the Light.

Deep within the Words;

I begin to flow.


Within the lessons dare I go?

They present themselves only to me.

Choose to;

Or choose not.


Allowing myself the past;


Future…and what is to come.


Trusting, believing;

It is so.

Stepping, knowing;

Reality is true.


My darkened past…released.

My future…revealed.

Still only remaining…the Now.


Do what with needs to be;

With my day.

Go where the call takes me;

Still a mystery.


Wherever this may be;

Or whatever I am to do.

Know this…my Heart leads the way.


Stepping into the Canvas with your Heart as your guide. Whatever the darkened past or lessons of life, we all have access to a powerful source of Light and is housed within. Follow this light and you will not be led astray…


Calling In Awesome

When was the last time you were sick? Did you call into work and ask for a ‘sick’ day? Chances are you did and remained in bed for recovery. As most people do, we work hard until our body gives out and calls a time out. Is it possible to minimize illness? Is it possible to never have to call in sick again? What do we do with our sick days?

When we take steps towards Syncrosensational Living, we automatically drop negative thoughts, negative actions, negative people, etc. In doing so we declare the path before us…and we pave it as we see fit. Cleaning house becomes a regular routine: removing any clutter within our lives, removing any negativity.

In doing so, we take an active role towards our own happiness. Happiness not purchased or found, but merely accepted in whatever the situation. During our self-discovery we find our limits, redefine them and then create new roles about how our day is filled. No matter what comes our way, we find good in all things and we find awesomeness in everything we touch. We can choose to destroy or we can choose to create…again…merely a choice. For me…I choose creativity…creating the life as it was meant to be…happy!

Defining our days, we find that our immune system is stronger and our health increases with our new-found awesomeness. We can choose to subscribe to the institutions and the pharmaceuticals or we can listen to that voice within, allowing our bodies to return to its natural state of homeostasis…a natural state of healing.

Nature is the canvas, we are the Painter…

How the Canvas is perceived defines it.


Returning back to our natural state, we no longer have to call in sick or worry about germs. I know, there will be those skeptics who believe that I am dreamer…”but I’m not the only one (John Lennon).” There are those who live in fear and anger and there are those who live by faith and Love…I know where I reside…how about you?

Stepping into the Canvas with a sense of awesomeness. Whether you are fully committed or on the way, may it begin to grow within your life and may it become your new reality. Instead of calling in Sick…you will be calling in Awesome!