Thinking Big For 2013

Preparing for the New Year, we gather our thoughts and wishes for our vision board of 2013. The skies the limit…the further we reach assuredly we shall land amongst the stars. What will it be? What will be your wish for the new year.

As we close 2012 and look to 2013, we must remember to think big. As the picture identifies…we are what we think…Think Big! I know the importance of setting goals and imagery that goes along with it is as equally as important. Stepping Into the Canvas was a thought at one time, whose time had come with next steps to be revealed as it grows. While my hopes are for the readers to ultimately achieve self-mastery, there is still more to the Canvas.

The Canvas of Life has no boundaries, leaving us limitless. An important factor whilst playing in the Canvas, is whether we are enjoying ourselves or not. We have discussed the first steps towards happiness, but often times we sabotage ourselves into thinking we cannot do something. By applying some basic tools towards happiness, the next steps have begun.

A vision board is a good start or even a journal with ‘task items.’ Keeping these items in plain view allows them to be ‘in your face’ and at the forefront of your thinking. When something is at a constant, the thoughts are at a constant. When your thoughts are at a constant, your brain begins to remap the neuro-fibers that drive your reality.

When developing a vision board, do we think small or think big? The sky is the limit here…Think Big! ”Aim small, Miss small.”~The Movie Patriot…this phrase is true. When we set our aim at something small, we will surely get small. The opposing is true as well…Think Big, obtain Big.

So…when you are thinking ahead to 2013, applying your ‘New Year’s Resolution,’ remember to Think Big!

Shoot for the moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

~Brian Latrell

Stepping into the Canvas with thoughts of Thinking Big. Wherever our thoughts, that is where they will be. If they are aligned with small thoughts, they will yield small returns. If aligned in a big way…they will pay off bigger returns.

Today each member of my family is writing three goals for the New year. Not just goals, but tangible and measurable goals. They are specific and they are our own. Sometime today we will send one copy of these goals up in flames…as to carry them out into the Universe, while the other copy will be posted in plain sight…holding us accountable for our actions.

However your goals are set or where they are posted to see, may they be Larger than Large and may they come true…Happy New Year!

The Parable Of A Shop Teacher

As we continue to fight amongst ourselves, we are left wondering who’s right or wrong. Instead, I invite you to look beyond right or wrong, looking within your heart and accepting all as good.

In accepting all as good, we transcend a need for right or wrong…merely acceptance…leads our way. Through acceptance we begin to love one another as ourselves. Echoing the sacred teachings, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” unfolds to be true.

We now return to Ani Po, who witnesses fighting amongst students of an area school.

Ani Po was an English student to one of the best teachers ever. Many of the students that took the class agreed this was the greatest teacher ever and there is no other teacher like this teacher.

Little did they know the same English teacher was also a social studies teacher for another class. Again the students of the social studies class, thought they had indeed the greatest teacher ever and no other teacher like him.

Unbeknownst to them the same held true. The same teacher was also a shop teacher at the same school and nobody knew. However, the followers of this shop teacher again thought he was the greatest teacher ever and there is no other teacher like him.

One day in the student lounge/cafeteria the students began talking about their favorite teachers in their school. Ani Po just listened as each one began to speak of their favorite teacher.

As one student began to speak the others looked in disgust. The English student spoke first, “I have the greatest teacher ever and there is no other teacher like him. All other teachers are false teachers. My teacher is the greatest of all time!!”

In disgust the other students pounded on the table…angry at such absurdities. “How dare you claim that your teacher is the best, when I indeed have the greatest teacher of all time. There is no other teacher like him… There is no other teacher! All other teachers are false! The greatest teacher of all time… This truly my social studies teacher.”

More pounding on the tables.

A student of the shop teacher stands up even taller than the last, “You’re all wrong…my teacher is indeed the greatest teacher of all time and he has taught me to work with my hands so that I can feed my family of the future. He taught me to work with tools so that I might fix things that get broken. He indeed is the greatest teacher of all time and he is my shop teacher!!”

Ani Po just sits quietly, saddened by the outrage…knowing what comes next.
It was at this time students began fighting in the cafeteria, over who had the greatest teacher. They began punching each other, kicking each other, throwing food trays. And without anyone knowing it…from the darkening shadows…presents a Knife.

One of the students, so convinced there’s was the greatest teacher ever, thrusts a knife into another student killing him. Not a breath left…the student goes limp and cold.

Having enough…Ani Po stands up and yelling as loud as can be…”stop!! The teacher you fight over is one in the same the English teacher is the social studies teacher is the shop teacher. You fight over the same teacher… and now you have killed one of our brothers. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Instead of ‘I’, we should say we have the greatest teacher of all time.”
In horror, the other students lower their heads,asking for forgiveness.

The irony to the story is ‘he’ was not the shop teacher, English teacher or Social Studies teacher…instead ‘he’ was a she. You see…in today’s society it is still unaccepted, in some areas, to have a she as a teacher. The He was indeed a She. Disguising herself as a he…She was the greatest Teacher of all time.

Stepping into the Canvas as One. I am He, She is Me, you are We. The day’s of dividing amongst ourselves have gone and the days of coming together are upon us. May we continue to grow in Love, Light and Life…painting a more perfect world. Now is the time…