Connected By Spirit

Have you ever had a serendipitous moment, when things just went right…or as I like to call it…a Syncrosensational moment? At this level, it seems even animals are speaking? When we are aligned with source energy, the Universe speaks through various channels…nature being one of them. Nature has a way of functioning with or without us, but more importantly aiding us along The Way. Those willing to listen will be guided by nature when necessary.

Ani Po was driving north on a local freeway, when a Hawk demanded her attention. As if speaking to her, the Hawk informed her of a coming lesson. With the Hawk perched high in the sky and her back towards Ani Po…she thinks “it is a message from above (via Spirit).” Just as this thought approaches her, another Hawk greets her from a lower stance. Perched below eye-level, she knows a message is coming from below (the flesh). Can it be another example of…as above, so below?

Completing her day as normal, she is leaving work awhile replaying message left by a friend. Her friend Mamani, left her message with a music composition and requested her review. As she reviewed the song, seven turkeys stopped her in her tracks. Bringing her truck to a complete stop, to let the turkeys pass, she hears a message, “connecting through spirit. As in the flesh, so shall the spirit be.”

Ani Po understood this message very clearly, as she knew it meant we are all connected. We are all connected, but there are often times many special connections we make. Those who walk inspired or in spirit, often times connect at the level of spirit…allowing to enter and exit as needed in each others lives. When one is down, another instinctively calls to cheer them, without real knowledge of anything being wrong. They call precisely as needed. Just as she received this lesson…Mamani calls her on the phone.

They were indeed connected in Spirit. They laughed at the connection through turkeys,  music,  and the Love they share. It gets better…

As Ani Po and Mamani share the lesson of life, Ani Po is greeted by another Hawk. This time facing her at eye-level, as if stating “well done, well done.” A Hawk perched facing away from Ani Po, usually means a lesson is coming. When the Hawk faces Ani Po, it means Her lesson was received. As the lesson closes, she considers “there is another lesson on the way.” Assuredly…a Hawk is perched with back to her…

Whether it is possible to connect at levels of Spirit or not, Ani Po knows the truth. For her, it is possible to connect at levels of spirit, allowing people to walk harmoniously on this Earthly plane. For her, messages from Spirit often come via the Hawk or other winged-friends. Walking in Spirit, she is connected to Mamani. Walking in Spirit, she connects with the Universal Life Force.

While Ani Po finds her way within the Canvas of Life, we too must learn from the many lessons laid before us. As one lesson is completed, another appears. Walking in flesh, connect by Spirit.

As we continue through our days, we walk in flesh whilst remaining connected in spirit. Connected in Spirit we move effortlessly throughout the Canvas, receiving messages along the way.

Stepping into the Canvas in Spirit. Walking in flesh, connected by Spirit, we collaborate with the Universal Life Force, allowing dormant forces to come alive…aiding in our journey of life. We coexist in this thing called life, living harmoniously at all plains…discovering life to be Syncrosensational.


Living By Faith

There are those who know and those who don’t, either way they share a common denominator…Faith. We can knowingly move forward and unknowingly move forward ultimately arriving on time. The key to arriving is faith.

Faith is the knowing that everything will work out, in your favor, even when the current situation does not dictate as so. When everyone gives up, the believers press on. When we activate our faith we essentially are tapping into a universal law of attraction.

As a man thinketh, so is He.~Abraham

If a person continues to have thoughts “I am too busy,” “I cannot do that,”We are never going to make it,” or “my life is going nowhere,” than the basic laws will assuredly grant the persons wish. If, however the person knows that everything will occur or arrive exactly as it is intended, filling this persons life with more abundance…then it shall equally be so.

We now return to Ani Po, as she witnesses the Warrior and Pilgrim living by faith (Note: this story is based on true events):

One day Ani Po was driving with her friend Mamani, when her friend noticed the gas gauge was lit and needle on empty. Alarmed she expressed her concern to Ani Po. While Ani Po was not worried, Mamani began to get anxious. Ani Po told her about a similar situation and how everything turned out in her favor…

Ani Po: I was driving a Holy Man to a destination about two to three hours away. He was to giving a sermon to a congregation. Offering to drive him, we were on our way. Only thirty minutes into the drive I noticed the gas ’empty’ gauge light come on and the needle was indeed on empty.

To not raise alarm, keeping it to myself and hoping to find a filling station soon. At this time, thoughts of determination filled my being and somehow knew we would arrive safely and on time.

Even though I had thoughts of arriving on time, I informed my passenger…

“Father, I just want to let you know that we are on empty and have been for some time.”

To which he replied: “Are you worried?”

“No, something is telling me we are going to make it.”

“Then I am not worried. The Lord will get us there safely and I can feel your faith is strong.”

They arrived safely and on time. In pure joy and amazement, slight disbelief, Ani Po gave thanks to that which needs no label, “Thank you For showing me The Way.” Ani Po saw firsthand the power of faith as she wholeheartedly believed she would arrive exactly when they were intended to…thankfully it was the time her passenger was expected to arrive.

During the ceremony, Ani Po whispered to parishioners, “Do you have any gas I could use to get me to a filling station?” After numerous replies someone alerted Ani po, “there is a filling station just a half of a block away.”

Ani Po: “still not sure I will make it as we just drove two and half hours on fumes all the while the gas ’empty’ light was on.”

Still with no luck finding gas from a parishioner, she starts her truck and drives to the filling station with no troubles. She could have merely walked to the filling station, but instead she knew that her truck would start yet again and arrive on time. After arriving safely, filling up her tank, getting in and driving her friend home to the monastery, they both agreed they had witnessed a miracle.

As Ani Po finished telling her story, Mamani interrupts, “that’s great, but I do not think we are going to make it.”

Just then the engine stopped and they were stranded without gas. While Mamani released her anger, Ani Po just smiled, knowing that in a moment they would be rescued. While the Warrior (Ani Po) remains calm during adversity, the Pilgrim (Mamani) loses hope, feeling lost once again. Ani Po reached over and laid her hand upon her friends, “Mamani it is going to be ok. Help will arrive for us very soon.” Timely, a stranger taps on the window asking if they needed gas.

So what is the difference in these situations? What happened differently between Ani Po and Mamani? Was it coincidence or a miracle? Could it have happened differently? All of these questions remain unanswered, but Ani Po knows better as she lives purely by faith. In doing so, She arrives exactly when she is intended to…no longer giving her reason to doubt The Way.

Ani Po’s situation was extreme and can be disputed, but still remains unexplained. Her and her passenger drove on empty for two and half hours, purely on faith. With this lesson in her back pocket, she understands the meaning of faith…lending more hope that All is Good.

Living by faith, we find hope;

Through hope, we find Love;

Finding Love;

We find The Way.

~Ani Po

Stepping into the Canvas purely by faith. In faith we see hope painted on the horizon, walking towards it we find Love. Even during times of adversity, it is the Warrior who asserts, “even though my current situation looks bleak, I know that it will end in a silver-lining, painting The Canvas as I see it.”