Connected By Spirit

Have you ever had a serendipitous moment, when things just went right…or as I like to call it…a Syncrosensational moment? At this level, it seems even animals are speaking? When we are aligned with source energy, the Universe speaks through various channels…nature being one of them. Nature has a way of functioning with or without us, but more importantly aiding us along The Way. Those willing to listen will be guided by nature when necessary.

Ani Po was driving north on a local freeway, when a Hawk demanded her attention. As if speaking to her, the Hawk informed her of a coming lesson. With the Hawk perched high in the sky and her back towards Ani Po…she thinks “it is a message from above (via Spirit).” Just as this thought approaches her, another Hawk greets her from a lower stance. Perched below eye-level, she knows a message is coming from below (the flesh). Can it be another example of…as above, so below?

Completing her day as normal, she is leaving work awhile replaying message left by a friend. Her friend Mamani, left her message with a music composition and requested her review. As she reviewed the song, seven turkeys stopped her in her tracks. Bringing her truck to a complete stop, to let the turkeys pass, she hears a message, “connecting through spirit. As in the flesh, so shall the spirit be.”

Ani Po understood this message very clearly, as she knew it meant we are all connected. We are all connected, but there are often times many special connections we make. Those who walk inspired or in spirit, often times connect at the level of spirit…allowing to enter and exit as needed in each others lives. When one is down, another instinctively calls to cheer them, without real knowledge of anything being wrong. They call precisely as needed. Just as she received this lesson…Mamani calls her on the phone.

They were indeed connected in Spirit. They laughed at the connection through turkeys,  music,  and the Love they share. It gets better…

As Ani Po and Mamani share the lesson of life, Ani Po is greeted by another Hawk. This time facing her at eye-level, as if stating “well done, well done.” A Hawk perched facing away from Ani Po, usually means a lesson is coming. When the Hawk faces Ani Po, it means Her lesson was received. As the lesson closes, she considers “there is another lesson on the way.” Assuredly…a Hawk is perched with back to her…

Whether it is possible to connect at levels of Spirit or not, Ani Po knows the truth. For her, it is possible to connect at levels of spirit, allowing people to walk harmoniously on this Earthly plane. For her, messages from Spirit often come via the Hawk or other winged-friends. Walking in Spirit, she is connected to Mamani. Walking in Spirit, she connects with the Universal Life Force.

While Ani Po finds her way within the Canvas of Life, we too must learn from the many lessons laid before us. As one lesson is completed, another appears. Walking in flesh, connect by Spirit.

As we continue through our days, we walk in flesh whilst remaining connected in spirit. Connected in Spirit we move effortlessly throughout the Canvas, receiving messages along the way.

Stepping into the Canvas in Spirit. Walking in flesh, connected by Spirit, we collaborate with the Universal Life Force, allowing dormant forces to come alive…aiding in our journey of life. We coexist in this thing called life, living harmoniously at all plains…discovering life to be Syncrosensational.