Eagle and Condor Fly Once More

eagle and condorThe Native Americans have a prophecy that one day the Eagle and Condor will fly together. In doing so, it is said that peace shall be restored. Is it a global event or does it happen on the level of the self? Either way it is a prophecy of hope for humanity.

Just as in all the prophecies, revelations, etc., we come to a place of self-knowing. When the eagle from the upper realms, meets the condor of the lower realms we are made united as one. Just as in the male-female positive-negative, we become one. Becoming One, balanced in harmonic development…we shall know peace and love.

As the seven realms of the higher planes of Divinity are greeted with the lower realms, like an hourglass, we are the focal point of the Now with the hours of time above greets the hours of time below. As we meet in the middle, the Zero-Point of time, we give forth the ability to turn our world upside down…changing our reality. As we change the way we see things, our reality in time is turned upside down…No longer following the hours of time of the flesh, but following timeline of spirit.

Sitting contemplating our reality, we see endless possibilities, possibility of an alternate Universe…one filled with Love and Peace. At the Level of the Self, extending to the greater whole. No matter what the world throws at us, we stand unified in the Greater Good…I Am.

Stepping into the Canvas with time on our side, we set out in a whole new Light. Stepping gently, lovingly…giving Hope to a broken reality. We are not responsible for any one person, but our self. Finding oneself, we find another sitting in need…reaching for a hand…extending ours in return.

Namaste <3



The Guardians of Light

Do you struggle with purpose? Are you searching for answers to the hidden questions deep within soul? What is our purpose and how do we find the answers? It is said we only need look within to find the answers without. What this means is we are to go on an inner journey of the self to find answers facing us in our own reality.

We return now to the Spiritual Warrior once again, as she finds her purpose…


Note: I am returning to the original format of our Warrior in the divine feminine. The Pilgrim represents the ego and the Warrior represents the Spirit within all. Being human, I disclose my fault in listening to another chastise my usage of duality. While I do refer to dualistic behavior, the Pilgrim and Warrior are one in the same just different ways of seeing things. While one sees things in an Ego base world, the other sees it with eyes of Spirit.


The Pilgrim, turned Warrior, still looks for answers to her daytime dilemmas but has no luck finding them. With dreams of darkness, she knows that she must sit and contemplate her every move in hopes of uncovering yet another shadow of the past. She notes the importance of her dreams, as her dream world identifies opportunities of growth in her daily world.

Recently Her dreams are that of a Panther wandering the land, only to transform into the Eagle. Arising, she did not know what this meant until she entered her ‘quiet room’ and meditated on the lesson. Pondering her lesson, she discovered that She was once a  part of a secret society called the “Sisters of the Light.” These Sisters were keepers or protectors of the Divine Light and worked directly for the Creator.

While the Sisters of the Light kept balance in the Universe, they were at constant battle with darkened forces. Carrying the Divine Torch wherever they went, they illuminated the darkened region once more. What our Warrior could not understand is what this had to do with her dream of being a Panther. She must consult another Warrior for answers.

While remaining in a meditated state, she consults a Warrior from another dimension. Asking her Warrior Guide for clarity of this dream, her guide speaks, “the Panther is often symbolic of protector and is often paralleled with Guardian of Light. Therefore tying her dreams of being a Panther with that of the Sisters of Light.

“But what about the Eagle?” She asks.

“The Eagle is often symbolic of the Great Spirit. In modern-day it would be classified as the Great I AM or Creator. Your dream of the Great Spirit is symbolic of your divinity in protecting the Divine Light. Being the Panther or Guardian of Light, you are working directly for the Great Spirit and maintaining balance in the Universe.”

Realizing Her purpose the Warrior knows to remain true to herself, listening to the inner voice and following as needed. This inner voice comes directly from the Great I AM and will always lead Her to the next destination.

Returning to reality, she ponders this heavy burden. Now smiling, she knows what she is to do. With torch in hand, she begins lighting other torches along The Way…

Stepping into the Canvas Lighting the Way for others. As our internal flame burns hot like fire, may it turn into a calming sea for others. Our passions will be shared by others in hopes of inspiring those in need. With every step, remaining in the moment, we seize every opportunity to lend a hand… and maybe even Light another Torch.