Self-Realization: Because I Said So

As we travel through life, following advice of others and doing whatever everyone asks of us, we lose ourselves. In losing ourselves, we lose our true identity. Our true identity is that voice within, leading us here or there.

Following this voice we find happiness, abandoning that voice we are left in misery. Some are lucky to find it early, some never find it. It is stated eventually we all come to place of decisiveness…hopefully before it is too late.  Through decisiveness we declare I Am Here. As we discussed before the theory of Ani Po, Hebrew for I am here, we stand firmly in the beliefs of our own.

We no longer follow the crowd, but carve our own path. We no longer believe what we’ve heard in the past, only looking to the future. In declaring I am here, our whole psyche and make up changes. As our thoughts change it is said our world changes, this is true. As our world changes, we make it So.

When declaring I am here we are challenged by others who follow the belief system of the masses, challenging us to return to the false-self or maintain course to our true nature. In challenging our thoughts, we are asked how we know things…Humbly we declare, “because I said so.” In these simple words we adopt a self-declaration of I am here.

Tonight I met a friend for tea. With conversations of who we are and responsibilities we have come to know. Each of us understand our roles as parents, but also a higher purpose of shedding Light on darkened areas. We laughed in agreement that we, as humanity, waste so much energy on things that have no meaning in our lives. Losing sight of what matters, we fall victim to the belief system of the expected norm of society. We agreed we could both stay on course with the rest of the crowd or we could carve our path in life, creating it as we see fit.

“Things are not always as they appear.” ~Sandy Popov Abbatiello


This quote sticks with me, living each day in ‘the Now.’ We could see it as everyone else sees it or we can add our own belief to it, knowing it to be true. Whether it is true or not, we all have the innate knowing of what we perceive to be true…declaring ‘because I said so.’ This is the final step to self-actualization, the step that defines our own reality. When everyone else thinks we are crazy, we smile, giving gratitude for their observations…no longer worrying about what any one person thinks except our own reality to be true.


Stepping into the canvas with purpose, self-realization is activated within our being. Living authentically, we see everything as it is intended…beautiful in its own right. Returning to the self, we return to the beginning as what was meant to be…creative and awe-inspiring…each and every day.