Getting Stoned

Living in an imperfect world, we are witness to many imperfections within ourselves and others. The sad truth is we fail to identify our imperfections and quickly point out imperfections of others. Or we identify our own imperfections by projecting them onto others, continuing to judge others for something that we ourselves have done.

We now return to Ani Po to get a Warrior’s perspective…

Ani Po was at her local gym, when a gentleman approached her and asked her opinion on Capitol punishment.She, having no opinion on this matter, answered “I do not believe in these laws that have been established by your people.”

Gent: “What do you mean, my people? Are they not your people too?”

Ani Po: “No. Where I come from we do not hate any one person or judge them for human experiences, instead we leave this up to our Father.”

Gent: “Where do you come from Mars? How can you not want to punish a murderer or a rapist? And why is your father involved?”

Ani Po: “My Father, is the Father of all fathers. He is the only person worthy of judgment. Our job is to learn lessons of Love. It is not their fault they murdered someone, it is your fault.”

Gent: “How are the actions of another my fault?”

Ani Po: “You follow the rules of the majority right? Then you and the majority are guilty of this. It is your fault for not helping a Brother in need, instead letting him wonder aimlessly through the countryside. Your prisons hold many lost souls, but they only want what you want…happiness. Locking them up, we only deprive them of the opportunity.”

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

~African Proverb

Ani Po: “In older times we understood what it took to raise a child, but somewhere through the ages we lost our way.Back then, the village was responsible for the raising of a child, nurturing and Loving the child as their own. Now-a-days we are ‘too busy’ for our own offspring. Their lack of Love in their lives, only develops attention seeking pilgrims who eventually challenge laws established by local government.”

Gent: “So are you saying that a whole community should take time out of their busy days to raise a lost child?”

Ani Po: “What I suggest is the community accept only Love in themselves, which invariably projects out into the community. We naturally desire Peace within, but fail to find it in our own community…thereby remaining lost. Accepting Love as the answer for all things, we instinctively return inward to find what had been there all along.”

Gent: “Ok, you still haven’t answered my question.”

Ani Po: “One day they will have to answer to God, they do not have to answer to me. As for myself, I am to learn forgiveness while I am on this planet.”

Gent: “How can you forgive a murderer? They deserve to be punished!”

Ani Po: “Maybe so, but I will leave that up to my Father. Under Babylonian and Hebrew Law, it was legal for one person to take equal or lesser action against any person who brought harm to them, still permitting a community to stone an person to death…justified under Hebrew Law. Nowadays we just lock them up…it is just the same as stoning them, as they die a slow painful death.”

An eye for an eye, leaves two people blind.

~Mahatma Gandhi

Gent: “Then what do you suggest?”

Ani Po: “I suggest everyone take time for self-reflection. In the words of Christ, Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.We are all sinners. Here is another suggestion from Muhammad, Our Lord! we have indeed believed: forgive us then our sins and save us from the agony of the fire.

Gent: “So are you saying we should stone those guilty of sin?”

Ani Po: “Again I say to you…no. What i suggest is we All Get Stoned.”

At this time during the conversation, a fellow Warrior approaches Ani Po, “Yeah Man! I am in for getting stoned.”

They all part with laughter infused into their day, but the lesson remains to ponder. What do we do to the sinners of the world? Ani Po suggests we look only within ourselves and follow guidance of spirit. Spirit will lead us Home every time. When an individual asks for forgiveness, they must be willing to give up their old ways. If not, they remain in sin and shall be judged when the time comes. Wipe the slate clean, returning to Love and their shall be room for nothing else.

While the Pilgrim follows rules of the flesh, he invariably shall be judged himself by his own flesh. Returning to Spirit the Warrior relies on guidance from Holy Spirit, allowing freedom to be restored and Paradise to be revealed, her judgment shall be her reward.

Stepping into the Canvas putting down stones of judgment, we enter a new era…an era of Love and forgiveness. If we all put down the weapons of judgment, allowing peace to be restored throughout the land, we shall no longer fight. From this day forward we shall see our Brothers and Sisters in Light.




Dog vs Karma: Which has the Bigger Bite?

Ever wonder why good things happen to some people, and bad things always happen to others? Some say it is Karmic Law or Law of Attraction that rule our days. Whatever we put out into the universe, we will receive. Thereby deducing to whatever thoughts or actions we send, we will receive on a similar frequency.

Up until the Warrior was 35 years, she rode a roller-coaster ride with continuous ups and downs. She used to think that when something good happened, something bad was right around the corner. While it was true about the ups and downs, this isn’t how it works. What she failed to see was: when feeling good, we attract more good; feeling bad, we attract more bad. Karmic Law or Law of Attraction, whatever the law…it has truth.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

~Proverbs 23:7

At the 35 years old, the time of her shift towards positivity, she realized her thoughts  affected her daily outcomes. Whether good thoughts or bad thoughts, they attracted the same force into her life. We use the analogy of good and bad here, for the basic principal of understanding. Human consciousness sees two sides to every story: one has a ‘good’ outcome and the other had ‘bad’ outcome. We are the only sentient being that see dualities.

Understanding these principles better, the warrior begins making alternative plans throughout her days. Filling them with gladness, she in return gets more to be glad about. Pilgrims often stop her to correct her, “you can’t possibly see everything as good…it just doesn’t work like that.” Being young, the warrior might have shut down for 2-3 days with such a negative statement. Being stronger she smiles at the pilgrim, “thank you for your opinion, but in my world nothing ever goes wrong.” This might seem delusional, but in reality we are all delusional…why not be delusional and feel good, attracting everything we most desire?

Even though our Warrior has just begun to experience all that the Universe has to offer, even in her ups and downs of the roller-coaster, she has always remained virtuous. Her actions while not always perfect in her youth,  always treated people with the ‘golden rule’ in mind: “We are to treat people as we want to be treated.” Knowing what she knows now, she has adopted the ‘Platinum Rule.’ One step further than the golden, “we are to treat people as THEY want to be treated.” Because of our many diversities, we may not want the same things, thereby offering what the other person wants.

Have you ever heard the expression, “be careful not to burn a bridge? ”

Years ago, when the Warrior was yet a pilgrim herself, she was still in training as a healer and surrounded by vicious attack dogs. Her daily life was walking on pins and needles as she received her training from a leader who obviously was not happy in life. The Warrior was verbally abused, made to feel inferior. It was as if she was bitten by a large  hungry wolf. Not being able to ever sit and relax, her left cheek throbbed from continues biting. Turning the other cheek, she forgave the hungry wolves who abused her.

Twenty years later when she has nearly mastered her healing practice, the Warrior receives a knock at her door. It was one of the hungry wolves from her past. Feeling instant pain in her left side, her somatic response reminds her of the pain she endured just by the mere sight of this hungry wolf. Something is different this time.

The hungry wolf is weak and hungry. Not for blood, but for life. Worn and tattered, she asks for a hand out. The Warrior turned her cheek once more,  remembering to offer the Heart of Compassion at all times. She agrees to letting the hungry wolf into her house and offers her sustenance. The wolf explains that she has no work and cannot support her family in these trying times. She then asks for a job.

The Warrior smiles, offering her more compassion. She explains, “when I was young, you were the meanest person to me. You made me feel inferior, inadequate as a human being, and hated going to school everyday. Now you sit here asking for a handout. I am a forgiving person and I hope you have changed your ways, knowing that you cannot treat people with such indignity. I will see what I can do.” The Warrior and the wolf embrace, comforting the wolf…then they part and go their separate ways.

While the Warrior unfortunately did not have an available position, she was sincere and took the opportunity to express her Heart of Compassion. The irony here is that when she was young she got bit on the butt by a hungry wolf. Now the hungry wolf is getting bit on the butt by Karmic Law. When we live in the flesh, just as the Warrior experienced, the pain lasts only for a moment as it is only flesh healing with time. The bitten becomes strong, but the biter opens herself up to more pain later on. So which bite hurt more? The bite of the hungry wolf or the bite of Karmic Law. Who felt it more? The Warrior or the Hungry wolf?

Stepping into the Canvas with a softer step. Meeting mother earth with every step, giving her a gentle kiss. We walk softly among the pilgrims and other Warriors with better understanding of who we are and how we got here. In all our adversities and all our glorious moments, we have risen to this very day. This is our day to shine and not one person can take that away from us.